Peace Week San Diego 2021 kicks off with our annual Kale Festival.

Save the Week!  September 18-26
Peace Week San Diego 2021 joins Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions again.
A Celebration of Mutual Support in Times of Crisis

A week-long+ series of events promoting peaceful co-existence in San Diego*

9.18 Kale Festival, 10:00 AM- 2:00 PM
with Mindfulness Community Yoga, workshops and discussions celebrating Mutual Support
9.18 Treat M.I. Don’t Mistreat M.I., 2:00 – 4:00 PM
9.19 Diversity Circle Speak Up, 2:00 -4:00 PM
9.21 International Day of Peace
Community Dialogue: Re-imagining Public Safety 4 All of Us. 12 PM – 1:30 PM
Breath of Life Circle, 6:30 – 8:00PM

9.22 Fall Equinox
9.23 Kingian Nonviolence Workshop, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
9.25 Kingian Nonviolence Workshop, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

*Part of Campaign NonViolence Week of Actions with Pace e bene.

The PRC 2020 Listening Tour

Dear San Diego,

The Peace Resource Center of San Diego seeks your input as we plan for 2021 and 2022.

Have our services been useful?

Have our approaches to peace-building and training been helpful to the work you do in your family? Your neighborhood? Your community? City? State? Country?

We invite you to take the survey here.

And of course we welcome your feedback to improve our collaborative peace work through email, FB or phone call.

On Human Rights Day 2020, PRC knocks on prison doors ~ #SetThemFree

Human rights advocates demand better for prisoners in US as COVID19 sweeps through the prisons, detention centers, jails, juvenile halls and treatment facilities.

A prison sentence should not be a death sentence. From Bergen, New Jersey to San Diego, California, community and family demand “Set Them Free”. Democracy Now reports – as of 12/9/2020 – over 2200 people have died from COVID in our California jails and prisons.

December 10 is Human Rights Day, a day to examine how what we do impacts others in cruel and unusual ways.

The PRC, All of Us Or None, the Treat M.I./Don’t Mistreat MI invites you to join the action on December 10: a Caravan vigil across San Diego centers of incarceration.

Car-avan start time: 9am, Dec 10

start location: Las Colinas Detention and Reentry Facility

  • Las Colinas Detention & Reentry Facility 451 Riverview Pkwy, Santee, CA 92071

Speakers: Cheryl Canson, Curtis Howard

  • Otay Mesa Detention Center, 7488 Calzada De La Fuente, San Diego, CA 92154
  • Donovan Prison 480 Alta Rd, San Diego, CA 92179
  • George Bailey, 446 Alta Rd #5300, San Diego, CA 92158
  • Juvenile Hall, 446 Alta Rd #6100, San Diego, CA 92158


  • Peace Resource Center of San Diego & The Treat MI; Don’t Mistreat Initiative Cheryl Canson, 619.633.6400
  • Annie Rios, Attorney for Cheryl Canson
  • We are Their Voices, Dawn Marie,; 619.821.5340
  • All Of Us Or None, Curtis Howard, Lead Organizer 858.302.9795

#SayTheirNames. Jeovani Jackson, Pelican Bay; Jordan Jackson, New Fulsom Prison – and the thousands more in our state prisons, detention centers, juvenile halls, metropolitan jails, re-entry facilities. Locked away yet at the same time in close contact with the pandemic.

COVID 19 is in full swing across the prisons, carried in by guards and prisoners. COVID-19 at last count has infected over 22,000 prisoners in the extensive, crowded California incarceration centers. Youth brought into juvenile hall are isolated from almost all social contact for two weeks (“

Read here for more details and the call to action.

Sign the petition by AFSC!

Tell public officials: We must protect people in prisons, jails, and detention centers from COVID-19.

UT oped by local human rights activist & artist Antonia Davis

Death by COVID is not the only threat people immigrating from troubled countries face from US immigration practices. Read more here.

A fundraiser for the PRC

I am Linda K Williams, a long-time supporter of the Peace Resource Center. Its work and focus on a peaceful vision for how we live together in our diverse and broad communities has really supported my own work in building community.

2020 has made fundraising impossible for too many organizations. This is why I am serving up this fundraiser for the Peace Resource Center! Thank you for all your peace-tactics and collaboration in our city.

“The perfect gift for everyone on your holiday gift-giving list!
Or stock up for Birthdays/ Mothers’ Day/ Fathers’ Day/ Grads!”

The heart-warming Stories for a Better World has “something for everyone”– children, youth, parents, teachers, peacemakers & you. All proceeds go to support the work and play of the PRC.

To order your copy, email us at

Include the number of copies you need.

PRC Voter Guide

Your PRC Peace & Justice Guide to Vote 2020.

Many proposition promise to improve our lives.  We agree with San Diegans For Justice and Mid-City CAN!!

San Diego! Vote “yes” on Measure B



SPECIAL NOTICE: due to COVID and federal tinkering with the elections, there will be the following changes in the November 2020 Elections.

  • Every voter will receive a mail-in ballot in the mail. These ballots can be returned to the Office of Voter Registration by mail or at a secure designated polling place (voting location).
  • Mail your ballot by Oct 26. Post office slow-down caused by federal under-funding may affect your ballot delivery. Ballots must be received by 6 PM at the County Registrar of Voters Office.
  • The elections cannot be called by the evening of November 3rd. It will take at least another 3 weeks to count and report on all the returned ballots, including provisional ballots.

Because of these changes, there is credible concern about the accuracy of the Elections 2020. Voter suppression is also a credible concern, after the elections of 2016.

PRC joins the national Election Defenders this November.

Election Protection 2020 with Election Defenders – a national coalition of democracy-minded organizations. Join PRC at the polls this year to watch and protect people’s right to vote.

You can be an election defender too!

Online trainings every week Next Training: 10/20

Info & Contact:


Peace Week san diego 2020 begins on Sept. 16 w/ The Circle of Breath

Campaign Nonviolence Action in 2019

UN International Peace Day 2020 – Shaping Peace Together to Build the “We”.

Peace Week San Diego is part of the Campaign NonViolence Week of Actions. This year, over 4000 events are happening around our country. We are delighted to offer you these events with our partners and allies.

See the list of PWSD Events here.

All events except for the Equinox Drive for Equity are on Zoom.

To RSVP and receive the Zoom Details, email us at

Everyday is peace day, as we work and stumble slowly towards an understanding of how peace works – and how that looks different from person to person, neighborhood to city, and country to country.

At the PRC, we believe that peace is a journey to understanding, one that starts within each of us. Peace Week is a celebration and a conversation with our communities, to learn more about each other, build bridges, and build unity by building the “We”.

The UN dedicated Sept 21 as International Day of Peace to remind us to take one day to examine our paths to peace.

Our action on International Day of Peace is to tell our stories, share our ideas of peace through the art of story-telling. To communicate our essential self to others. Starting with our children.

Peace Week is about action – after thinking, reflection & sharing. Escalate peace in our region and lives. We support the amazing work of community to improve policing in San Diego.

“Peace Our Police!” The PRC support Measure B for the People – a strong, independent Commission on Police Practices.

Vote on Nov. 3. Vote 4 Justice – Yes on Measure B!

*Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions by Pace e Bene – dedicated to make peace real through actions around Sept 21.

The PRC has moved online as San Diego shelters in place during the Time of COVID19.

Nonviolence = love + empathy

The members and Board of the Peace Resource Center of San Diego extend our heart-felt support and several resources to our communities as this new very contagious coronavirus moves through our neighborhoods, streets, schools, prisons, hospitals and health centers and our homes.

The PRC, adjusting to the new norm, is moving online as we shelter in place and keep our distance. While our doors may be shut and our lights off, the PRC continues to provide community support, information and peaceful solutions to this current crisis.

What do you need?

Check our FB page for suggestions, links and resources.
  • Need to talk? Call us. 619-263-9301
  • Essential supplies like food, toiletries and household cleansers and sanitizers? Message us on FB or email us at

Look for our livestreams, Zoom meetings & events alerts, emails, and newsletters as we join the thousands of San Diegans reaching out to our neighbors in need. We will be offering online Meditation & mindfulness, Restorative Circles, gardening advice and Peace Economy discussions during the months ahead.

This is a staggering, terrifying opportunity to change how we live in our world, to create a stronger movement and direct us to a more sustainable future.

May we suggest some reading?

Paul Engler writes about the history-changing aspects of the current viral crisis and the opportunities opening up in this analysis, Coronoavirus is a historic trigger

PRC in peace & justice 2020

The Peace Resource Center wishes everyone a more peaceful new year – with justice ringing out from everywhere.

We are grateful for the work and persistence of peacemakers who supported the work in 2019.

Click here to see the PRC 2019 in Review report.

The 2020 PRC Board of Directors looks forward to serving the community and our members in 2020.

2020 Board members approved at the 2019 Annual Meeting: Michael Brackney, Cheryl Canson, Bonnie Clayton, Alan Ridley, Brianda Vargas, Herb Zapata (not pictured)