Resources on Poverty

12 Days, 12 Ways to Fight Poverty in America

Bill Moyers asked twelve ante-poverty leaders to weigh in on solutions to the U.S.’ income inequality problem. Ideas range from protecting workers’ bargaining power, to assuring access to affordable housing to making higher education free.
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Offerings from the Center on Policy Intitiatives

Making_Ends_01Report on Poverty, Earnings and Income in the City of San Diego 2014.

Making Ends Meet. A study of the wages needed in San Diego County to reach the Self-Sufficiency Standard, a realistic measure of essential living expenses, and a demographic profile of San Diegans whose incomes fall below that level:



Who Pays? The True Cost of Incarceration on Families

Who_Pays_01Families who have loved ones in jail are saddled with court fees, visitation and phone expenses and simply trying to keep food on the table. Women are the most affected.

This study by the Ella Baker Center and 22 other organizations examines the connections between poverty and mass incarceration.


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