Who We Are

prclogo_med02The Peace Resource Center of San Diego is a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit and membership organization founded in 1980 by representatives of six organizations: Fellowship of Reconciliation, First Church of the Brethren, La Jolla Friends Meeting, United Nations Association, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, and San Diego State University YMCA-YWCA. Membership is open to all individuals, families, and organizations who desire to associate themselves with and subscribe to the PRC Purposes and Values and pay membership dues.

Our 2017 Board of Directors

Anne_Barron_01Anne Barron (2016-2017, Secretary): Raised in a subversive military family, I’ve been many places, yet San Diego feels most like home. I’m an advocate for sustainability and living simply within nature, yet love the urban lifescape. A teacher and scientist, I thrive on learning about how we and our world “work”. I work within and outside the political system – whatever helps to move our cultural norms away from dominance and violence to peaceful solutions in our schools, city, and ourselves.


James_Betsy_01James Bartoli (2016-2017): The PRC thanks James for his service and his analysis on behalf of peace here and nationally.  James stepped down from the board in August after serving nearly 2 years.  Earliest forays into peace activism were during the NATO bombings of former Yugoslavia during the late 1990s, and the second Iraq War. As both a former participant/active member of the Education Committee of Occupy San Diego, and a perennial student of US and world history, he will bring a focus on participatory discussions and explorations of historical context.

Betsy Bekken (for La Jolla Friends): Growing up in a pacifist family deeply involved in social justice and racial equality, I developed a continuing passion for peace, social justice, sustainability, and simple living at an early age.

Sara_01Sara Haldeman-Scarr (for Brethren): is the Pastor of the First Church of the Brethren in San Diego. She brings her passion for interfaith experience, building bridges, and standing together for peace to the board. Her energy and enthusiasm is plus as we move into the PRC’s next 35 years.

Carroll Boone (2017)

Carroll studied and practiced nonviolence based on the teachings of Gandhi and Martin Luther King and their followers.  She worked with a number of community groups (Nonviolent Peace Force, Creating a Culture of Peace, UAAMAC (United African American Ministerial Action Council, Peace with Justice Ministry (La Mesa First United Methodist Church), Hate-Free San Diego, and am a certified facilitator for Alternatives to Violence (AVP) and International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP).

Darwin Fishman (2017, Program Director):  I have always been involved in peace and justice struggle.  My grandparents were union members and activist and both of my parents were active in the Civil Rights Movement. It was not surprising that with this upbringing that I ended up working with the Rainbow Coalition and Rev. Jesse Jackson’s campaign as a teenager and that I was arrested with my father for Civil Disobedience at the Nevada Test Site antinuclear weapon protest. I have always felt at home with this peace and social justice work and this activism has been central to my life path. This world view and spiritual grounding has been guiding force for me for my professional work, as well as my personal life. Dr. Fishman is now the Project Director at the PRC!


Craig Jones (2016-2017): Committed to building coalitions across movements toward common objectives of peace and justice; and improving outreach to those not effectively energized towards a better future. From his career history of city planning and senior management in nonprofit social services, he hopes to assist PRC in further achievements. Much needs to be done, and he encourages all of us to work with renewed energy together.


Stephanie_Gary_01Gary Lynn (2016-2017, Treasurer): Retired from U.S. Navy as a Supply Corps Officer. Current member of Veterans for Peace, San Diego Chapter. He brings a wealth of financial expertise, history of employment with United Way and YWCA, and service on many boards/committees: Rise Up Industries, Alliance S.D., Casa Cornelia Law Center, San Carlos United Methodist Church, CA-Pacific Conf. of UMC, City of S.D. Commission on Gang Prevention and Intervention.


Allen_01Jeoffrey Gordon (interim member, 2017)  Dr. Jeoffrey Gordon has been a keen advocate for Single-Payer Health Care and established a blue print for a Rapid Response Team approach to community hate that has been emboldened by the Trump factor.

Allen McAfee (2015-2016, on sabbatical): Marching for peace, traveling the world, volunteering in prison with the Alternatives to Violence Project, growing older and hopefully wiser – all of this happened for me with help from the community of peacemakers brought together these many years by the PRC. I’m indebted to and inspired by the many people who expanded my understanding of the power of nonviolence to bring about positive change for a more peaceful world.

Our Wonderful Volunteers

2017 –  Andrea Juarez

The PRC says farewell to Andrea and is grateful for the work she led at the Center.  In her words, “I am a recent graduate from San Diego State. I studied Conflict Resolution with a specialization in Justice in the Global System with the dream of developing a career in the Non-Profit field for human rights. As a citizen of the borderland, living on both sides of the wall, I want to further my knowledge and experience working with migrant rights and be able to make an impact for all the families that are affected by past and current policies.”  We look forward to working with her on projects that affect the border and border communities.