What We Believe

Our Mission (Purpose Statement)

The Peace Resource Center was established to provide a clearinghouse of peace and social justice resources, issues and activities; to promote networking among peace-related organizations; to offer nonviolent alternatives in conflict resolution; and to carry on an expanding program of peace education in San Diego County. The Center provides an ongoing presence throughout San Diego County to counter and alter violent approaches to problem solving—interpersonally, nationally and internationally and works to point out the links among issues of peace, social justice and a safe, sustainable environment.

"The time is always right to do what is right”

- Martin Luther King Jr

Our Values (Code of Ethics)

The Board of Directors, staff, and members of the Peace Resource Center (PRC) of San Diego are committed to powerful peacemaking as a process for living revolution and alliance building. Our primary work is presenting education aimed at creating a sustainable environment and culture of peace while acting as a catalyst for change in the San Diego community. We focus on practicing and promoting active nonviolence as a strategy for achieving social justice, equity, and an end to physical and structural violence. Working in an ethical, truthful, principled manner is the highest value for our organization.

We are guided by the principles of nonviolence, tolerance, compassion, and respect for diversity and invite all who are committed to these shared values to join us. This code describes standards and behaviors that representatives of this organization strive to meet or exceed. By holding these values as the principles of action, the PRC and our members pledge to be a reliable, accountable resource for the social justice community of San Diego County and beyond.

We are inspired by the vision of communities working together to create and nourish a peaceful, nonviolent world. Our commitment to innovation is demonstrated through collaboration. Our Board of community representatives endeavors to initiate and implement new and thoughtful ideas that build a just and sustainable world.

We are devoted to a cooperative, empathetic culture that provides alternatives to aggressive, forceful behavior. We advocate practices based upon truth, love, compassion, and reconciliation when dealing with others.

We strive be truthful and transparent in our dealings with each other. We work to be consistent in our actions, honorable in our transactions, and dependable in a conscious effort to live up to our values.

In pursuit of equity and justice, we understand that increasing our awareness, knowledge, and skills in issues of race, class, gender, ability, sexual orientation, and the wise stewardship of the earth’s resources is necessary. Equally important is connecting issues by thinking globally and acting locally with emphasis on solidarity through social action.

We find value in providing exceptional service through our distribution of information and resources relating to peace and nonviolence. We recognize the significance and find joy in the work that facilitates personal development and brings us together to achieve our mission and shared values.

We empower ourselves, as individuals and as the PRC, by building connections and working in cooperation with others to gain broader understanding in our purpose of service. We are constantly evolving and responsive to change as a growing network concurrently sharing skills needed to create a peaceful, nonviolent world.

We are dedicated to the creation of new models for social change by promoting dialogue, understanding, and consensus decision-making. We believe a community is empowered through participatory democracy and shared leadership.