The Purpose & Mission of the Peace Resource Center

The PRC acts as a community clearinghouse of information, conversations and actions on peace and social justice issues. We are a collective, collaborating in the creation of community activities and workshops for all ages.

We are guided by the principles of nonviolence, compassion and respect for diversity.

Membership is open to all individuals and organizations concerned about peace with justice and the need to live by these principles. We invite members to join the Board of Directors, which run the day-to-day business of the Center.

Our spaces and rooms are available for community and member use. Requests for community space can be emailed to

We offer trainings and workshops in various types of de-escalation and peace-building in community spaces.

We provide training and trained volunteers to support peaceful rallies and marches in the face of active opposition.


Our Issues – through the PRISMSS lens

PRISMSS is the social justice lens through which the PRC thinks about issues, their relationships, and the solutions.

PRISMSS = Poverty, Racism, Immigration, Spirituality, Militarism, Sustainability, Sexual Identity & self

We recognize the connections and forces that weave through these social issues, and their impact on each of us. We believe that Peace is the process of understanding and accepting everyone’s right to self-determination and equality. This framework supports the creation of programming and community support projects.

Earth Mother – created by Antonia Davis; photo by Bob Davis

What We Do

The Peace Resource Center works for peace by

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