PRC Annual Meeting kicks off with a Dessert Extravaganza!

Brownies from the Big Kitchen, vegan ice cream from Mariposa Ice Cream, spiced cider from OB People’s Coop & treats by our own PRC chefs

The 2019 Annual Meeting for PRC Members looks at the work done in 2019 and the Work Plan for 2020.

The Nominating Committee has recommended the following slate of nominees for the 2020-2021 Board. These nominees if approved by the members will serve a 2-year term on the Board of Directors.

  • Michael Brackney
  • Cheryl Canson
  • Bonnie Clayton Loewy
  • Alan Ridley
  • Brianda Vargas
  • Herbe Zapata

Bios of the 2020-2021 Nominees

Michael Brackey is standing for another term as a Board Member. He is actively engaged in Jewish Voice For Peace, Climate Mobilization and Peace-keeping efforts on behalf of the PRC.

Cheryl Canson began and facilitates the Treat M.I.; Don’t Mistreat M.I. series held monthly at the PRC (3rd Saturdays). Active in Mothers With Sons Incarcerated With Mental Illness, she also works with Participatory Defense in the criminal justice system.

“My name is Cheryl Canson. I am a native San Diegan. My birthdate is November 2, 1962. I graduated from James Madison High School in 1980. I am a survivor of the Child Welfare System. I have always been a peacemaker. I am extremely empathetic.My first job out of high school was as a Word Processing Operator for the City of San Diego. When my first son was born with a rare disease called Hirschprungs Disease, I resigned from the job to take care of my son. From that point on I devoted my time and life to care for my son who I was told more likely than not he would have brain damage as a response.After him I had three other children who suffer from mental illness. Not long after their diagnoses, I learned that my mother suffered with Paranoid Schizophrenia. This is the reason for me being placed in foster care.In spite of all adversities, I remain calm to my center and a peacemaker. The older I’ve gotten and wiser, I relate to my adversities as to the caterpillar in the cocoon…it’s painful but necessary to get to the other side of some awareness or reality, hence “The Butterfly”. I’m a firm believer kids are divinely given their parents and vice versa.  Seeing the struggles  and symptoms of my children’s illnesses i.e. anxiety, impulsivity, psychosis, I became educated about mental illness and how to care for my children and keep them thriving.I am a mental health advocate and strive to eradicate the criminalization of mentally ill people! Because I am directly impacted by the criminal injustice system, my initiative “Treat M.I. Don’t Mistreat M.I.” (M-Mental I-Illness) was birthed. This initiative creates a platform to amplify voices of mentally ill people placed in prison through their families and other supporters. Also to share resources is another goal. This initiative will also seek to work with Public Defenders and other attorneys to encourage mental health diversion to be offered by the court in lieu of incarceration. My initiative will also decrease prison population of brown and black people and save lives!!I am honored to be given this opportunity to be a part of The Peace Resource Center. I have been fortunate to work with Carroll Boone and Anne Barron in various advocacy groups. I’m sure I will fit in The PRC like a hand-in-glove. I also am following in the footsteps of Rev Malone who first fostered the relationship between Women Occupy and “All Of Us Or None”.

Bonnie Clayton Loewy has led the Peacemaking Partners Program between the PRC and Rowan Elementary School for the past two years, building on the peace and conflict resolution K-5 curricula developed by PRC volunteers. Her resume can be read here.

Alan Ridley was born in Minnesota and came to Southern CA when he was seven years old.   After high school he was a pre-med student in college in Oregon. However he graduated in Political Science from the same college that Steve Jobs dropped out of.  He received a group scholarship to study overseas in Europe, in what was then, Yugoslavia. He served in the United States Army declaring himself to be a conscientious objector but was able to work in non-combat assignments and complete his tour of duty.   He worked in the wine business and studied animated film and cinema at UCLA. A career move in education took him to San Diego, Indonesia and Japan.  
He has a background in economic development working as Economic Development Representative in the start-up San Ysidro/Otay Mesa Enterprise Zone.  He speaks Spanish, Serbo-Croatian, German, Japanese and other languages. He is semi retired from Cuyamaca College where he worked in the career and transfer center and championed renewable energy including wind energy.   He also researched green careers in San Diego and Imperial Counties and has been active on the board of San Diego Regional Clean Cities Coalition and also serves as President of the Foundation for Economic Justice.   
In Japan, Alan specialized in accelerated learning using music, theater and art to teach anything and in this case English as a second language.   He is married and has two grown children. When researching green jobs he developed an interest in sustainable urban agriculture and learned how to grow dragon fruit and Moringa, the Miracle Tree which he learned about through Linda Williams at the Church of the Brethren.   He attended the Holiday Craft Fair, on Nov. 30, 2019 as well as other Peace Craft Fairs for about 10 years, mostly offering dragon fruit and Moringa trees.    
In addition to interests in peace and economic justice, Alan is also deeply concerned about issues of democracy and climate change.    He is a fan and supporter of KNSJ, FM 89.1, radio for social justice.

Brianda Vargas is actively engaged in building community through her work. Brianda is the Executive Director of cOMmunity Yoga and Mindfulness and a Registered Yoga Teacher with certification in Trauma-Informed Yoga. She began as a Volunteer at La Maestra Generations in 2016 and now works at La Maestra and designed yoga programs for children, youth, adults, and recently started working with people in recovery. She has been an active participant in the Peace Promotion Momentum Team from Mid City Can for almost a year. She also leads a Mindfulness and Self -Compassion support group.

Herbe Zapata has been a Board Member serving as a liaison between Veterans For Peace – San Diego Chapter and the PRC. He is stepping up as a Board Member At Large. He is a member of the PRC PRISMSS team and an ardent vegan that led the PRC resolution to serve only planet-friendly foods and beverages at our gatherings.

A Peace & Justice Alternative Gift Bazaar

Saturday, Nov 30, is national Shop Local Day.

Interested in sharing with other like-minded folks? Supporting Community? Have services or goods you are interested in selling, sharing or bartering?  Or looking for that special home-grown gift made by/for peace and justice?

Join us for the Peace & Justice Alternative Gift Bazaar at the Peace Campus. Hosted by the Peace Resource Center.

Arts, crafts, food, music with Linda Williams & Guests, Yoga with Community Yoga & Mindfulness, and more!!

Come as you are and just hang out too:)

If you are interested in being a vendor, I’ve attached the Vendor Information too.

Bring your own flyers, announcements and info to share the P&J work you do.

Rain or shine.

Interested in being a vendor? Contact us at

More vendor info here.



WHAT: Peace Campus Partners invites other organizations and businesses to


  • Peace Resource Center of San Diego
  • National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth
  • Project Youth And Non-military Opportunities

WHY: We adopt “SHUT IT OFF!” in response to catastrophic climate change.

WHEN: Now.

The UN has declared a climate emergency. Youth are rising up in a Climate Walk-out, demanding adults implement actions NOW to mitigate the current climatic changes.

WHERE: Everywhere.

San Diego, CA – The Peace Peace Resource Center of San Diego, the National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth, and Project on Youth and Non-military Opportunities are turning it lights and other unnecessary electricity wasters. We urge organizations and businesses to join us and SHUT IT OFF.

Shut off lights during the day in your offices and instead use the free light from our solar powerhouse, the sun. Reduce the brightness of computer screen monitors. Open windows and doors when possible; turn off air conditioners.

SHUT IT OFF is a call to action – to divest ourselves from the fossil fueled-power companies. Although called “public utilities”, these energy companies are really private monopolies that profit from high prices while driving us closer towards extinction.

We welcome Mid-City CAN. Its Improving Transportation in City Heights (ITCH) momentum team will also “Shut It Off” in solidarity with the students. Team members are intimately aware of the connection between investment in public transit and climate action. Their campaign for Youth Opportunity Passes, no-cost transit passes for youth, seeks to create a greener San Diego while connecting young people to early-career opportunities. Young transit riders become adult transit riders, leading to less traffic, reduced emissions, and a cleaner, healthier San Diego.

Mattress World & Al Davis Furniture in Hillcrest also join SHUT IT OFF! This family-owned business sources organic and sustainable products for its customers. This action was an easy decision for the owners.

How bad is it? The UN understands that the climate emergency will lead to intensified conflict (war) over fresh water and arable land. The UN has dedicated this International Day of Peace on September 21 to “Climate Action for Peace”. The UN is convening a Climate Summit next week to move forward on its plan Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals. Youth have been leading Climate Action Walk-Outs and Strikes around the world, demanding adults take action on climate change and step away from our dependence on fossil fuels to more climate-friendly power.

This pie chart points out the main causes of gas emissions driving climate change – our dependence on fossil fuels is the majority of the pie.

September 21 is International Day of Peace. Climate Action for Peace. At the PRC, Generation Justice is moderating the discussion, “Putting Equity Front and Center in the Climate Movement”. With PRISMSS as our lens, we dive deeper into the intersection and collision of multiple forces acting on the effort for immediate climate action – poverty, institutional racism and sexism, militarism, and immigration.

Peace Day San Diego starts at 1pm at the Peace Campus, and finishes with an Equinox Musical Celebration (7-10pm).

Why Go Vegan?

Commentary by PRC Board Member Herbe Zapata

Climate Crisis: Methane burns longer and hotter in the atmosphere than Carbon Dioxide, this greenhouse gas is the biggest contributor to Climate Disruption than all of the air pollution caused by cars, trucks, planes, buses, etc. COMBINED

  • As we know Climate Chaos is causing and will continue to cause one of the biggest refugee crises we’ve seen, this has been acknowledged and warned about in our government from the CIA and DOD as one of the biggest threats to geopolitical stability.

Shortage of Clean Water: the feces and uric acid run-off from animal agriculture permeate the soil which is a breathing organism, and end up in bodies of water that are connected from Rivers and Lakes to Coast Lines. This results in acidification and Ocean Dead Zones, that combined with the already rising temperature of the oceans is destroying the ecosystem for Marine Life to live which is leading to species collapse. On top of the already overfishing in the Seas from industrial fisheries.

Deforestation: Clear Cutting of forest land for Cattle Grazing is one of the leading causes of air toxicity, due to the elimination of these wonderful infrastructure systems that are free which Convert Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen (Called Rain Forest)

Starvation of People due to the growing of at least 90% of grains to feed Cattle, which:

1) We in turn could be utilizing to feed people.

2) Tied into the global trade system, it requires the shipping of these grains overseas where cattle are raised for consumption, and in turn shipped back around the globe for consumption by human animals.

3) Turns into more water-intense crops because the amount of grains required to feed cattle is exponentially higher than the amount which is needed to feed humans, not to mention the drinking water aspect of it and – I’m pretty sure – the need to come back and broach on this subject would be redundant.

  • Health Aspect being last but not least: All the hormones and antibiotics being used to grow cows, pigs and other factory farmed animals, and to treat their staph infections being confined in crowded growing operations is leading to the evolution of disease that is antibiotic resistant as well as the growth of tumor in women’s breast and reproductive organs. This also affects male humans in the disruption of their endocrine (or hormonal) system too, and with their blood pressure and cardiac health as well. Going further, however, their libido is greatly impacted due to poor blood circulation because of the accumulation of cholesterol plaque in the vascular system.

The reasons WHY I Am an Herbivore as a Peace Activist”

Herb Zapata, May 2019

Peace Week San Diego 2019* – Calendar of Gatherings, Collaborations and Celebrations

Peace Week 2019 Kick-Off @ the PRC!
Saturday, 9/14

10-1PM A Mini-Retreat: Tools For Recognizing and Lowering My Violence Quotient. Facilitated by PRC members based on the Meta Peace Team approach.

2-5 PM A Panel Discussion: The Mental (un)Wellness To Prison Pipeline. Facilitated by Cheryl Canson, Mothers of Sons Incarcerated With Mental Illness.

Peace Resource Center, 3850 Westgate Place, San Diego, 92105




POSTPONED The Peace Path with Godwin Higa – Building Community in Schools

Principal Higa used this restorative path to help students resolve conflict, repair damage, and stop suspensions & expulsions at Cherokee Point School

Lincoln High School, 4777 Imperial Ave, San Diego, CA 92113


Tuesday, 9/17

10am-4pm City Council of San Diego to vote on Community Choice Energy

San Diego City Hall, 202 C St., 12th Fl.

                  4-6pm NoMAS I-5 Overpass Rally & Bannering

Miramar Air Show: Just Don’t Go.    A Veterans For Peace Educational Campaign.

At the I-5 6th Ave Overpass, downtown San Diego


Wednesday, 9/18

9am-12pm City Council Public Safety Livable Neighborhoods Meeting

to Consider a Charter Amendment for Strong, Independent Commission on Police Practices

San Diego City Hall, 202 C St., 12th Fl.

Thursday, 9/19

4-6pm NoMAS I-15 Overpass Rally & Bannering

Miramar Air Show: Just Don’t Go.   A Veterans For Peace Educational Campaign.

Meet at the I-15 Carroll Canyon Road overpass

Friday, 9/20

Youth-led Climate Walk-Out. All over San Diego!!

Check out for an action near you.

The UN calls a climate emergency.



Saturday, September 21, International Day of Peace

Peace Day @ the PRC – A Peace & FUN(d)Raising Collaboration.  

Workshops, Yoga, Collaborations & Happy Hour

3850 Westgate Place (in City Heights, near Azalea Park)

NEW! 1PM – 2PM  HempCrete Workshop! with Our Revolution North County

A jumpstart to the peace economy as we leave fossil fueled-construction behind.

DYI with hempcrete

2:30-5PM – Collaborative Open Space

For activists, agitators, dreamers, and collaborators to share ideas & actions to make real social and environmental justice.

Putting Equity Front & Center of the Climate Action movement with Generation Justice

Bringing together like-minded and differently-minded activists to create/improve/generate deeper understandings, actions and strategies. The tool: “Open Space Technology” to organize and facilitate group formation and planning.

5:30 PM Yoga with Community & Mindfulness Yoga

6:15-7 PM – Happy Peace Hour & Potluck

CASH BAR or BYOB. Light refreshments provided.  Donation of potluck dish gratefully accepted or simply purchase “small plates” at the PRC!

6:43 PM – Fall Equinox Celebration

7-8 PM MADA choir from the Young Artists Music Academy

8-10 PM – Peace & FUN(d)raising Concert & Music featuring Willie Lang & Guests ($30 suggested donation)

                        • Practice nonviolence toward myself.

                        • Practice nonviolence toward all others.

                        • Practice nonviolence by collaborating to end war, sexism, poverty, and racism, to work against destruction of the earth and to foster a more just, peaceful and nonviolent world for all.

Find more events and info at

Or contact us at, (619)263-9301

Peace Week & Climate Change in the face of extreme violence

-a blog by Anne Barron

At this time during the hot dog days of August, I am kept busy prepping for the dedicated Week of Actions around the UN Day of International Peace on September 21Peace folks in San Diego have been part of the national actions for the past 4 years, including the Peace Resource Center of San Diego and the Franciscan Peace Connection.  Big shout-out toPace e Bene for dreaming up Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions as a time of focused, united local actions to spread a culture of nonviolence.  It has grown from 200 to 2600 actions – a sign of the people’s movement. This year, the focus is on real climate action as ppl take to the streets.

aka Peace Week San Diego!!

I usually enjoy the busy work in anticipation of the Week.  I also make time for the commemoration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (8/6&9/1945) at this time each year – a tragic measure of US extreme violence which still reverberates today.  This year, recent mass shootings in California, Texas and Ohio brought me square up again against the US culture of extreme violence. That these took place days before the 74th  anniversary of the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima is not a coincidence.  The two connected powerfully as a mental blinding white flash “obliterated” the peaceful, busy harbor while I watched the Commemoration at Shelter Island’s Friendship Bell.

A symbol of open communication and respect between San Diego and Yokohama, the Friendship Bell is completely surrounded by the military installations around San Diego Bay.  State violence is intimately connected to US foreign and internal relations. I am not sure which came first, but since 1492 “our America” has experienced both again and again.  That our US military can so casually condemn millions to death, and millions to catastrophic health problems is causal to the casual violence we see too often here. Not surprising, the 24/7 news cycle ignores these connections between mass violence, state violence and US empire, just as it ignored the 74th observation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  

In San Diego, we call it Peace Week. 

I love Peace Week/Campaign Nonviolence because of the possibilities, the dreaming and visioning that create a peace path forward and deepen our strategies.  I am always energized and sustained by the deeper dialogues and collaborations that bring groups together. The Peace Resource Center calls it Peace Week because of the power of language.  We feel the need to be proactive, rather than reactive. To lead instead of respond.

Peace Week is for me an affirmation of what is possible. Now, in this moment of more extreme violence, it is so hard to see how peace can be affirmed.  Violence surrounds us daily, in ways we often don’t “see”. It is counted in the stats of officer-involved shootings, domestic violence calls, the back-log of rape kits in the San Diego Police Department, the beatings and shootings in our neighborhoods, in our video games.  We are fully literate, as Paul Chapell describes, in war and violence. He is calling for a peace literacy that teaches an active engaged peace.

Peace Week 2019 Collaboration looks to repair the trauma our cultural violence creates within each of us, using yoga, restorative circles and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) approach to bring some healing.  The collaboration kicks off with:

  • on September 14th   Restorative Circle examining the “I” in Violence and a panel discussion about the Mental (Un)Wellness-to-Prison Pipeline at the PRC.
  • on September 20, all over San Diego the Climate Walk-Out organized by young people, the week before the next Climate Conference.  The UN has recognized the links between the Climate emergency and peace this year. The PRC is supporting youth demands for a future of equity, sustainability and ecological restoration.  
  • It wouldn’t be Peace Week without the local Veterans For Peace calling attention to the military propaganda machine that is the Miramar Air Show!  
  • The Peace Path created at a local school will be our guiding process for workshops and gatherings during the week.  
  • On September 21 (aka the Equinox), activists, dreamers and game-changers will gather at the Peace Campus for a Peace & Fun(d)Raiser with the afternoon in deeper strategy workshops and the evening in celebration with live music and shared meals.  

Campaign Nonviolence’s Week of Action is a call to active peace, how we each can promote alternatives to violence in our lives and communities.  It is a movement to make real the United Nations’ declaration of September 21 as International Peace Day. Until this peace path is accepted by my government, I will keep redirecting my taxes to human needs.

More Information on FB

Other resources

UN International Day of Peace 2019

Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions

Global Climate Walkout San Diego

The PRC goes vegan!

The PRC announced today that in response to the escalating climate crisis, refreshments and food served at all PRC events and happenings will be plant-based.

Read the full press release here.


Now. Climate change is rapid, dramatic and now. The predicted impacts will be catastrophic for life on Planet Earth within the next 30 years, probably more so on humans as changing conditions lead to forced migrations, water and food shortages, and of course conflict. We are in a state of emergency. Animal farming has too many environmental impacts – carbon emissions, water reduction and pollution, and soil destruction – to be a sustainable practice at this time.

San Diego, CA – This Sunday, thousands of people will flood the popular Balboa Park EarthFair to enjoy the outdoors, examine enviro-oriented (or not) wares, stop at an amazing number of organizational booths to talk to volunteers about green options, and of course eat at one of the hundred or so refreshment stands. Earth Day is a fun time at the park. What about the remaining 364 days?

The PRC decided to offer only plant-based food at the request of new board member Herbe Zapata. Pointing out that “meat consumption isn’t often talked about in connection with climate change”, he asked that the PRC adopt plant-only menus to showcase tasty alternatives to the ubiquitous meat/dairy combos. “We are past the tipping point,” he explained, “and have to change our diet now.”

He is referring to the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere that supports the biosphere, and of course, humans. The PRC accepts the science research that points to current animal farming practices, food distribution and excessive food waste as one of the main causes of gas emissions driving climate change. It isn’t the only human activity – transportation and dependence on fossil fuels grab a large part of that pie chart.

Board member Anne Barron attends many city and county meetings about the Climate Action and Transportation Plans. She explains why the PRC has adopted veganism, “We are now not just trying to stop climate change – it is too late for that – now we must stop the damage we are causing to the future.” Referring to council comments made at the January 24th City Council Environmental Committee meeting on Community Choice for energy, she added “and we only have 10 years left to complete the life boat for all of us – either we evolve our habits, or we go the way of extinction.”

The Peace Resource Center of San Diego in City Heights is deeply committed to providing peaceful solutions to global and local problems. PRC staff and volunteers helped design and build the sustainable Friends Center with our Peace Campus partners with hay bale insulation and underfloor heating. Extensive gardens and orchards were planted to provide local, fresh, organic produce. Most recently, the Campus installed solar panels over part of the parking lot. Adoption of a PRC plant-based menu and foods broadens our array of sustainability practices in these changing times. This Earth Day celebration is about doing less to do more.

Save the Date: A PRISMSS event on June 6th

PRISMSS is the framework the PRC uses in its approach to sustainability – the inter-related approach to repairing and enhancing the earth we depend on to sustain human evolution over the next seven generations. We recognize that everything is connected, that our work on social and environmental and spiritual concerns intersect deeply – Poverty, Racism, Immigration, Sustainability, Militarism, Spirituality and Sexism/genderism – in a tightly woven web of cultural practices and systems that maintain control.

Our 2019 PRISMSS series continues with the documentary “Disneyland of War”, 7pm, on June 6, an examination of the role of propaganda in deepening US militarism.

A free event at the PRC, with plant-based refreshments.