Meet the 2019 Board of Directors!

           2018 General Meeting Approves 2019 Slate for Board of Directors!

A huge shout-out to the PRC family that organized this year’s Souper Supper.  Many moving parts that came together due to team work and soup preparation.  We also give thanks to the OB People’s Coop for their generous donation of organic apple juice and to the Big Kitchen for the delicious brownie treats.

The PRC is happy to announce the 2019 Board of Directors – approved by the members during our November 18 General Meeting.

New members:

  • Zoila (Zoe) Castilla Bacon:  I immigrated from Cuba as a child with my parents seeking asylum as political refugees. This year I have volunteered with the Peace Resource Center’s “Peace Camp” for children and the “Peace Club” with Rowan Elementary School.  I also volunteer with Mid-City CAN’s Peace Promotion Momentum Team.
  • Paul Cofrancesco: Profession: Investor Relations & Fund Raising. Volunteer work:  Led group trips from St Brigid Church in Pacific Beach to Tijuana to the Casa Hogar De Los Niño’s Orphanage from 2003 to 2010 and Stand Up for Kids – Street Outreach Volunteer 2005-2007
  • ​​Willie C. Lang​,​ Jr.​,​ MA. Ed.:  Employment Specialist/ Clinician in Training/ Human; Pathways Catalyst. I am a trained Counselor Yes! I have taught on nonviolent ways of communication. Yes! I have authored a book on dealing with the frustration and trouble in ways other than ANGER and AGGRESSION. There is an old saying that simply states: You cannot lead where you have not gone.

Returning members:

  • Anne Barron:  I come from a subversive military family, and my first memory of the injustice of war is of the My Lai massacre as it hit the news in the US. …as I matured, wanted to immerse myself in creative actions that would support the growth and evolution of the just and peaceful world I see in my mind’s eye.  
  • Carroll Boone: Carroll studied and practiced nonviolence based on the teachings of Gandhi and Martin Luther King and their followers.  She wishes to continue serving as a Board of Director at the PRC.
  • ​Gary Lynn:  Retired from U.S. Navy as a Supply Corps Officer with a financial management specialty in 1993. Major community activities: Commissioner with City of San Diego Commission on Gang Prevention and Intervention, Board Member and Treasurer of Rise Up Industries, Former Board Member of The Peace Resource Center, presently a volunteer.

At-large members continuing their 2-yr term

Michael Brackney (2018-2019), John Falchi (2018-2019)

Organizational members:

Betsy Bekken, President (La Jolla Friends), Sara Haldeman Scarr, Vice President (Church of the Brethren), LaVern Olberding, Secretary (Franciscan Peace Connection), V.R. Partida (Veterans For Peace, San Diego)

Read the PRC 2018 Annual Report here!

The Report looks both back at 2018’s peace programming on persistence and resiliency and forward to 2019 peace work at the PRC.

Interested in promoting peace in our area?  Contact us at

Are you ready? Souper Supper & our Annual Membership Meeting Nov 18!




PRC is busy getting ready for our annual Souper Supper. 

We all look forward to this shared meal — homemade soup, cornbread, and brownies — as we catch up with each others’ busy lives. 

All are welcome to join us.  

Soup servers at the PRC 2016 Annual Souper Supper!

Suggested donation:  $25




Our Annual Membership Meeting begins right after the meal – the meeting is open to all. 

Remember – it is “members-only” for the decision-making part of the evening program.

Haven’t renewed your annual dues?  Click here or return your renewal form.



PRC Wages Peace Week 2018

Peace is a process, not a dream.

It is waged within and without.  It is the way to a just and equitable world, one that values cooperation, sharing, and open boundaries.  Peace comes from many different perspectives and life experiences.  It is multi-fold and complex.  Peace de-escalates and co-creates.  It is messy and chaotic.  It is 7 billion (still growing) and diverse.

This year’s Peace Week Theme looks at the steps to transition from the militarized San Diego economy to a peace & just economy in a series of events around the county.

We kick off Peace Week with Overpass Light Brigade and a musical peace social down on Mission Bay (by the old Visitor Center) and end the week in Vista with Standing For Peace.

Saturday, Sept 22 – Forum & workshops at the PRC.

Steps 1-2-3 to a Peace Economy NOW! 

  • Workshops & discussions by local experts and activists lay out the transitions as we move from a militarized police state to a democratic society.
  • Local cooperatives, small business set-ups, resource-based economies, Divestment From War strategies, community oversight of law enforcement and local government, alternative economies, restorative justice and practices, and more!  Bring your ideas to share.  Basically, if it is too big to fail, it will!  A Peace Economy – decentralized, localized, and de-bordered structures.
  • Just added!!  This forum will also be offered in North County on Sunday, Sept 23, after the Vista Peace Vigil.

For a complete listing of Peace Week events, check our FB page.

*All events are free to the public, Two require RSVPs.
Peace Week 2018 is made possible by the efforts of hard-working volunteers and funding from the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee.
Cosponsors include PRCSD, FPC, WOSD, Pax Christi, OBGC, OLB, Peace Promotion Momentum Team/City Heights, Standing for Peace/Our Revolution.
How do you wage peace?


PRC joins the Rise for Climate March September 8 – won’t you?



Live music, inspiring speeches, and participatory actions will be followed by a march to South Embarcadero Park – music, tabling, activities, voter registration, and a Kid’s Zone with games and face-painting.

Climate change is THE continuing crisis for the world, the nation, California, and San Diego. Worsening wildfires, droughts, floods, hurricanes, locally and world-wide; the poorest communities hit first and worst, but everyone, and everyone’s children and children’s children, to pay the price.  The oceans, lands, air and waters are being decimated. Yet, government doing not just not enough, but actively making things worse.  
STAND UP, FIGHT BACK –come out on Sept. 8, make noise and take action! WE MUST change this. SAVE THE DATE!  Much more information at:
Look for the PRC banner and join us as we look to co-create a peace economy that looks to sustain the earth and its inhabitants for generations.
The earth is in our hands.

San Diego needs your voice at the July 11 City Council Rules Committee – loud & clear – #communitypoliceoversight

San Diego needs strong community oversight of police!

Women Occupy San Diego has been leading the community effort to create a strong, independent Commission on Police Practices.

This Commission requires a charter amendment voted in city residents.

Right now, that decision is still under consideration by the City Council Rules Committee.  The committee needs to hear your voice.

July 11, 1pm, City Hall

WOSD asks the community to continue the push for community justice….

PRC joins the Poor People’s Campaign! A report-back on the May 14 kick-off in Sacramento

Hello from the California’s Poor People’s Campaign kick-off in Sacramento!

A report-back from May 14 – the first day of 40 Days of Action in Sacramento.

By Anne Barron, PRC member.

On May 14th, the Poor People’s Campaign (PPC) kicked off here in California and in 42 other states and in Washington, DC with coordinated rallies and direct action to challenge the unjust status quo.

Background. The Poor People’s Campaign is a national call for a moral revival – to take back our country from the control of the military-industrial-prison corporations dominating our government.  It is a national call to challenge our state legislatures to enact fair and equitable legislation to repair the harm done by injust laws that oppress communities and drain them of their resources and money.  It is  a challenge to the white supremacy that dominates the cultural, social and economic systems.  The PRC endorses the Founding Principles of the Campaign and will be supporting the Campaign here in California. 

We just got back from the state-wide convergence of the PPC on Sacramento – a great day of training, networking and direct action with folks from Los Angelos, the Bay Area, and Sacramento.  I drove up on Sunday with Summit UU member Jack Shu.  Thanks to the work of amazing volunteers coordinating the actions, we were able to bunk down Sunday night at a local church just blocks from the capitol.

6AM: Monday, early wake-up call & thanks

8:30AM:  Introductions, trainings & hobnobbing began.

I count over 300 people coming and going during the day.  Jack & I sign up as peacekeepers.  The Brown Berets de SacrAztlan led our team.  Others signed up to serve as marshalls, as supporters for people arrested during the direct action, as first responders for the medical team, etc.

Thirty-five people take on the responsibility of moral witness, placing their bodies in direct confrontation with police during the day’s Non-violent Moral Fusion Direct Action.  Reverend Beth Johnson, from Palomar UU, is the state coordinator of the Direct Action Task Force.

The morning is a jumble of different trainings, creating art, learning songs, team work to get the art and posters set for the afternoon rally, and general coordination of large numbers of groups from all over the state.

We got to connect again with friends from the LA chapters of the PPC, Veterans For Peace, and also meet up with friends participating in the Immigrant Rights Action that took place the same time at the Capitol steps.  Really exciting – meeting LA members of the Global Women’s Strike and the local chaper of WILPF (Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom).  I look forward to connecting with these women as we work on supporting the Campaign’s Week 3: War Economy.

NOON: We head to the Rally gathering point (the South steps of the Capitol) to set up for the 2 pm Rally, munch on pizza and meet one another.

Mini trainings spring up as new people continue to stream in, adding their strengths and enthusiam to the growing Campaign.

2PM:  Rally.

 Indigenous leaders honor the wisdom of the elder as they lead the first chant.

Speakers, one after another, testify to the hardships they suffer as Poor People at the hands of systemic economic inquity and discrimination.

Lady Liberty glows above the crowd.  Reviving her promise to all newcomers to our country.

A common dream expressed by one among many in the crowd.

3PM:  Direct Action.

The Rally moves onto N St, occupying the intersection.  The moral witnesses then occupy the entrances of the Capitol’s underground carport. “No more business as usual.” Not one car in or out.

Jack Shu, a Peacekeeper, shows his love during the Direct Action. 

4:30PM: Direct Action disperses as police hold back.

No arrests. The Campaign pledges to return again next Monday.

The PRC will be back in Sacramento for the May 29th Day of Action.  Join us!! Contact us at for details.

Here is the link to the national PPC direct action in Washington DC.

Follow the California Poor People’s Campaign here.

Themes of the 6 Weeks of Actions

Each of the 6 weeks has a theme based on the demands of the PPC, with actions planned at state capitols around the country for the Monday of each week.

Please note:  Due to Memorial Day Observance, Week 3’s Action will take place on Tuesday, May 29!!

This was Week 1, and the theme: “Somebody’s Hurting My Neighbor: Women, Youth, Disabled, Children in Poverty, Right to Education” .

May 21 – Systemic Racism, Voting Rights/Just Immigration

May 29 (Tuesday – Veterans/War Economy

June 4th Right to Health – Environmental Justice/Water Extraction

June 11 – Guaranteed Income, Housing, Social Services

June 18 Countering the Distorted Moral Narrative

The PRC will be heading to Sacramento again for Week 3 to challenge the immoral War Economy with a vision for a equitable, sharing economy. 

Interested in joining us? 

Contact us at for more information, or to connect with transportation and/or housing. 

PRC spends Tax Day at the IRS – “A Bake Sale for the Air Force?”

Tax Day 2018 – End War and Military Spending

A Bake Sale for the Air Force & Teach-In on Syria

 War tax resisters redirect tax dollars from war to people

WHAT:     A bake sale for the “Air Force”?
WHERE:  Outside the IRS offices, 880 Front St., downtown San Diego                                                                                                    WHEN:     12-2PM, April 17, 2018



This Tax Day, the Peace Resource Center of San Diego is offering a “Bake Sale* For the Air Force?” in front of the Internal Revenue Serve to highlight our “half-baked” national skewed priorities.

Part of the national call for an end to endless war and the anti-war Spring Actions 2018, we call for a stop to the US use of war as the solution.  Our tax dollars should be used for building bridges – not bombs, walls and isolation.

The recent tweets of terror from the White House underscore the bankrupt nature of our foreign policies.  The Bake-Sale is a Teach-In on the ongoing US effort to “annex” Syria to remind us that US invasion of Syria has long been part of the destructive neo-con agenda for the Mid-East. We demand Congress do its job – hold the executive branch in check.  No ban, no walls, no war on Syria.

The Bake Sale will conclude with a San Diego Tax Day tradition – a local ceremony redirecting war taxes to community need.  Local war tax redirector Anne Barron will redirect her war taxes to local community peace and justice organizations.  “As a conscientious objector to state violence,” Anne explains her war tax redirection, “and I am choosing to value life over destruction with my taxes”.  Part of the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee, she participated in the national 2017 war tax redirection of over $20,000.

Details for this Tax Day Action and updates are available at

Tax Day Actions Around the Country

“a final problem mankind must solve in order to survive … is finding an alternative to war and human destruction.”

— Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., from “Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community”

In Berkeley, California, members of Northern California People’s Life Fund will redirect over $65,000 in resisted war taxes in a public granting ceremony on April 15. The group was founded by war tax resisters in 1971 to pool their resisted war taxes, and this is the largest amount they’ve ever granted. People’s Life Fund member Susan Quinlan says, “There are so many excellent groups that are working to protect families, communities and the natural environment, and we are delighted to support these efforts. With U.S. military spending surpassing $1 trillion, we invite others to imagine what good could come from redirecting these military funds on a grand scale.”

Tax Day Anti-War Actions begin on Sunday, April 15, as a coalition of over 100 groups sponsor rallies and marches under the banner of “End U.S. Wars at Home and Abroad.” War tax resisters in San Diego will be convening actions through the spring as part of this national campaign Spring Actions 2018.   Minnesota War Tax Resisters will be marching in Minneapolis, and members of New York City War Resisters League will demand “taxes for peace” in the Manhattan march. Noura Khouri, who will be joining the march in Oakland, California, says, “Tax resistance is a way to address all of the overwhelming issues facing the earth and its people at this time where literally everything of importance and of value to our communities is under attack.”

Located within City Heights, the Peace Resource Center is a clearinghouse of peace and social justice resources, issues and activities. We promote networking among peace-related organizations, offer nonviolent alternatives in conflict resolution and carry on an expanding program of peace education in San Diego County. The Center is the local affiliate of the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC), which has coordinated national tax day actions since 1983. NWTRCC is a coalition of local, regional and national groups providing information and support to people who are conscientious objectors to paying taxes for war. NWTRCC partners with the Global Days of Action on Military Spending coordinated from Barcelona, Spain, to join protests of war spending in the U.S. with a demand for global disarmament and a shift in priorities to sustainable development.

The full list of national tax day actions with more details and local contact information is at