The PRC 2016 Program & Service Review is now available!


Dear Friends, thank you for a wonderful Souper Supper and Annual Meeting.  We welcomed two new board members, Carroll Boone and Amelia Roache as we said good-by to Stephanie Steiner. The preliminary 2016 Annual Report is now available at 2016 Annual Services & Program Report!

The complete finance report will be available at the beginning of 2017.  We look forward to the sharing the peace path with everyone as we build past 2017.

PRC Recommendations for the 2016 CA General Elections

 ca-voter-guideThe general 2016 CA elections are on November 8.

The Peace Resource Center recommends:

  • County proposition A:  NO.  This transportation tax levy continues to prioritize roads over mass transit.
  • Statewide  propositions:

            62:   Vote “YES” to repeal the state’s death penalty

            66:   Vote “NO” to keep due process for death penalty appeals.

November 2016 Voting Resources & Guides

There are 18 state-wide ballot questions, two San Diego County measures, and depending on your city, any number of ballot initiatives.

To see your ballot, click on voters-edge.

League of Women Voters of San Diego recommendations

Voice of San Diego Voters Guide

Peace Resource Center accepting cooperative proposals for its daily operations

Request for Proposals to Coordinate Activities and Administration at the

Peace Resource Center of San Diego

The Peace Resource Center of San Diego is accepting proposals from individuals or Cooperative Teams to carry out the goals, objectives and programming of the PRC membership and Board as we grow and evolve.  Guided by our values of consensus and peace-building, the individual or team will work closely with the Board and members to provide the administrative and programming needs of this growing peace and social justice network.

 Purpose and Values of the Peace Resource Center

The Peace Resource Center was established in 1980 to provide a clearinghouse of peace and social justice resources, issues and activities; to promote networking among peace-related organizations; to offer nonviolent alternatives in conflict resolution; and to carry on an expanding program of peace education in San Diego County. The Center provides an ongoing presence throughout San Diego County to counter and alter violent approaches to problem solving—interpersonally, nationally and internationally and works to point out the links among issues of peace, social justice and a safe, sustainable environment.

The members of the Peace Resource Center (PRC) of San Diego are committed to powerful peacemaking as a process for living revolution and alliance building. Our primary work is presenting education aimed at creating a sustainable environment and culture of peace while acting as a catalyst for change in the San Diego community. We focus on practicing and promoting active nonviolence as a strategy for achieving social justice, equity, and an end to physical and structural violence.

We are guided by the principles of nonviolence, tolerance, compassion, and respect for diversity and invite all who are committed to these shared values to join us. These principles describe standards for behaviors that representatives of this organization strive to meet or exceed. By holding these values as the principles of action, the PRC and our members pledge to be a reliable, accountable resource for the social justice community of San Diego County and beyond.

Range of Responsibilities and Services Required

The Peace Resource Center of San Diego is a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit and membership organization founded in 1980 by representatives of six organizations: Fellowship of Reconciliation, First Church of the Brethren, La Jolla Friends Meeting, United Nations Association, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, and San Diego State University YMCA-YWCA.

We are a membership-based organization that elects its Board at the annual meeting.  Membership is open to all individuals, families, and organizations who desire to associate themselves with and subscribe to the PRC Purposes and Values and pay membership dues.

We are looking for a team or individual that can provide services connected with the daily operations of a local non-profit advocacy and educational organization. 

Responsibilities will include:

  • Partner Outreach and Development;
  • Program Outreach and Development;
  • Fund Development;
  • Membership Development;
  • Administration and Organizational Development;
  • Communication Development;
  • Volunteer Outreach and Development

Skills required:

  • knowledge of and experience with peace activism;
  • strong interpersonal communication skills;
  • ability to work with Board and members through consensus;
  • ability to work independently;
  • grant writing and/or fundraising;
  • experienced in office software applications and social media

Flexibility and some travel required.


If you have a plan or vision for providing the executive needs of a strong peace organization that provides the community with resources and capacity and that actively engages with our San Diego communities to bring social justice and peace through cooperative means, we would like to be in conversation with you and/or your team. 

The PRC is interested in proposals that provide a range of services within a cooperative framework.  The Hiring Committee will consider all proposals and negotiate compensation based on the range of services provided and level of experience of the applicant(s).  The contract or salary will be negotiated based on the work load or hours of employment.  Travel will be compensated as required by federal and state law.  The Peace Resource Center of San Diego is an open and accepting organization that refuses to discriminate based on any of the “isms” currently used to divide us.

To apply send cover letter, proposals, and applicant resumes to: with Attn Sara Haldeman-Scarr in the subject line.

or mail to:

Peace Resource Center of San Diego

Attention: Sara Haldeman-Scarr

3850 Westgate Place

San Diego, CA 92105

Please submit proposals or intention to submit a proposal by November 21, 2016.


Roadmap to a Nonviolent Future l Saturday October 22nd @ 10am

Join us for our Fall Nonviolence Education Series where we will explore different approaches to nonviolence. This session will explore the Metta Center’s Roadmap framework for nonviolence. Please see the link below to RSVP.



Nonviolence is much more than simply the absence of violence – it is better described as “love in action” and is, as Martin Luther King said, a way of life for courageous people. The Metta Center’s Roadmap is a framework that individuals and groups can use to gain a sense of united nonviolent action and begin to design a strategy for concerted action along nonviolent lines leading to major, systemic change (some call it “The Great Turning.”). The message of the Roadmap is that “we all belong here” – everyone can find themselves and their passion within the roadmap, and realize that they are part of a bigger picture. Working together, we can create a powerful, nonviolent strategy for weaving our work together toward a safer and saner future. In this participatory workshop, we will discuss nonviolence and related core concepts, the Roadmap model, and seek to find our places within it and how our work and passions are connected. It will include building community and connecting with others who are interested in practicing nonviolence in their daily lives and work. Together, we can be unstoppable!
Workshop will be facilitated by Stephanie Steiner, Director of Education at the Metta Center for Nonviolence, Peace Studies professor at San Diego City College and Chapman University, and board member of the Peace Resource Center.
We will start promptly at 10 – please arrive on time!

Peace Week San Diego Events & Info. | September 17 – 26, 2016

Peace Week San Diego
Saturday, September 17 – Monday, September 26, 2016

Local peacemakers will be sponsoring a series of workshops, movies, talks and actions across San Diego during Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions.

Join the Peace Resource Center, Franciscan Peace Connection, Women Occupy San Diego, Veterans For Peace-San Diego, San Diego War Tax Resistance, Pax Christi and the Overpass Light Brigade as we shine a light on peace.

More events on FB at PeaceWeekSanDiego & campaign-nonviolence-week-of-actions

To download the flyer, click here: sandiegopeaceweek2016events


Saturday, September 17, 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

Mini-Retreat: Tools For Recognizing and Lowering My Violence Quotient.

Facilitator Sister LaVern, 619 890 9846; Anne Barron, 619 836 2494

Peace Resource Center, 3850 Westgate Place, San Diego, 92105


“When Women Lead”, 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

An evening of powerful, transformational stories presented by Women Occupy San Diego: in Liberia- women’s demonstrations led to the end of the civil war; in Chiapas – their amazing achievements; in Iceland – how they turned the economic situation around; and their founding of #Black Lives Matters.

Women’s Museum of California, Liberty Station


Wednesday, September 21, International Day of Peace, noon

The UN presents 24-Hour Vigil for Worldwide Peace, a personal invitation from the United Nations to stop one minute at 12:00 pm and breathe in peace. A world-wide wave of peace.


The NoMAS campaign, 4-6pm.

This 5-year mission by Veterans for Peace-San Diego to educate the public about the real impacts of the Miramar Air Show. The popular war-promoting MAS takes place at Miramar Marine Base on September 23-25 this year. Join us as we promote peace over war with No MAS banners over local highways. Bannering takes place every Thursday.

Contact: Dave Patterson at, 760-207-9139

Location: The I-15 Carroll Canyon Road overpass


Sunday, September 25, 3:30 – 5:00

International Day of Peace 2016

“Building Blocks for Peace”

Interfaith Council of La Mesa

Clowns for Peace, A Magician For Peace, Crafts (peace bracelets, pinwheels, peace chains, a Penny Poll & education tables followed by an interfaith service. Wear something light blue!

Aztec Park, La Mesa [parking also at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 5555 Aztec Dr.]

An open letter to SDPD Chief Zimmerman concerning the “training” of SWAT officers by Islamophobic “experts”

Chief Zimmerman
San Diego Police Department
1401 Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101

August 19, 2016

Dear Chief Zimmerman,

Re: an open letter concerning the “training” of SWAT officers by Islamophobic “experts”

We are writing to express our concern over the training of San Diego police officers.  The issue of training has become especially problematic in light of the number of officer-involved-deaths. 

The Board of the Peace Resource Center has received notice about the troubling “Symposium on Islamic Terrorism” in Escondido next week, arranged by the California Association of Tactical Officers.  One of the presenters, Ryan Mauro, has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an extremist who advocates the profiling of Muslims simply based on their religious affiliation.

Officer training is an essential part of good policing, and should refrain from teaching profiling based on religion, ethnicity or race.  Behavioral profiling is an accepted practice that allows law enforcement to look at the actions and affiliations of potential perpetrators, not racial, ethnic or religious factors.  The deployment of SWAT teams is particularly associated with the high potential for death or severe injury.  It is essential that their training reinforce good police practices over those that depend on unfounded stereotypes.  We cannot forget the many that have been killed at the hands of police in San Diego, nor those that have been brutalized.

While you are not responsible as Chief of Police for the choice of presenter at CATO symposiums, we urge you to use your influence to demand CATO provide SWAT officers with best practices, those that are aligned with the practices the SDPD has promised to improve in recent months.  If you are not aware of the ideology of Clarion, you should read up on this hate-based organization.  Several organizations in San Diego have shown the film “Peace Officer” in the past year, which details how the SWAT approach has been taken over by a military mind-set, one that sees an enemy rather than one that sees a fellow being in distress.  We urge you to use your authority and instruct your officers to avoid this “training”. We ask that you also not provide compensation or credit for any training that uses hate-based ideology to profile our sisters and brothers.

We have heard troubling stories of young Muslims, especially women, singled out and harassed by San Diego police.  This type of racist training will only heighten tensions in our communities – it serves to heighten differences rather than promote commonalities.  The Peace Resource Center ( has a variety of resources we can provide for SDPD on conflict resolution, de-escalation, and non-violence trainings. 

We look forward to working with your office on promoting community policing rather than armed violence in our streets, and we look forward to hearing back from you on this.


Sara Haldeman-Scarr
PRCSD Board President

CC: California Association of Tactical Officers
       Mayor Kevin Faulconer
       San Diego City Council President Lightner
       Executive Director Moseley, Citizens Review Board on Police Practices
       United States Attorney for the Southern District of California
       District Attorney Dumanis
       County Sheriff Gore
       Veterans For Peace Islamophobia Project

Special Announcement

July 1, 2016

Dear friends,

As the Peace Resource Center’s most valued members, partners, donors and supporters, we are excited to share with you some changes that are coming and provide an opportunity for your input. 

Last year, as we gathered together for the Annual Meeting in November, we marked and celebrated PRC’s first 35 years – years of triumph, struggle, and accomplishment – and introduced you to the new Board of Directors. We recognized how important it is to continue to strive together to build the better world we know can exist. 

This year, your Board came together in January for a strategic planning retreat. Since then, we have been working toward a future of nonviolent peacemaking, children’s education, and conversations and collaborations around PRISMS (poverty, racism, immigration, spirituality, militarism, and sustainability). We plan to continue this work and more.

As we move forward through 2016 and plan for 2017, we are also preparing for transition. Our Executive Director for five years, Mariah Gayler, is moving on in July. With the vision of a strong PRC, we are working with her through a transition process, which includes steps to secure qualified leadership in 2017. We are grateful to Peta Hinds-Lametti, a current board member, for stepping up to learn PRC operations from Mariah and then provide leadership as Interim Coordinator for the remainder of 2016. These are big changes that also bring amazing opportunities with them.

With this, we invite you to a Meet & Greet to share with you the vision from the Board’s strategic planning and get your feedback and involvement. In the spirit of partnership, cooperation, and collaboration, please mark your calendars for the Meet & Greet on Sept. 10th from 2-4pm at the PRC.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Change brings opportunity and we look forward to you joining us on Sept 10th for refreshments, good company, and visioning together.

Together for Peace & Justice,

Sara Haldeman-Scarr, Board President
Peace Resource Center of San Diego

P.S. [Below], you will find a special message from Mariah.


Hello all you dear people,

It is with mixed emotions that I tell you today is my last day as the Executive Director of the PRC. I will put in a bit more time to tie up loose ends and help Peta in the transition, but otherwise today is officially the end. After five years to the day as E.D. and nearly six years total of being employed by the PRC, I’m leaving to pursue new adventures. I will learn more about goats and farming, continue efforts with the food justice community, turn 40 years old, get married in 2017, and explore what else life may hold.

I am deeply grateful to have had the privilege to serve through this organization. Our work for “peace with justice and sustainability through nonviolence” is deeply meaningful to me, and it is difficult to transition away. I am honored to have been the first to follow in the footsteps of Carol Jahnkow, who led the PRC for the first 30 years. I will miss daily time at the beautiful Peace Campus, interacting with my colleagues here, the support and inspiration of the new wonderfully dedicated board, as well as working with the many incredible collaborative community organizations and the irreplaceable variety of people I’ve met along the way. It was a vital part of my position to have had flexibility to follow community interests and develop new programs, in addition to taking important personal/family time as needed and going back to school. Last May, I was able to receive my Masters in Nonprofit Leadership and Management. I hope everything I have learned and gained has been returned as much, or more, in benefit to the PRC and community. I feel so lucky to have made some wonderful friends through this work and overall to have had such a unique, memorable, and significant job.

Thank you to everyone who supported me and the PRC these years, through the ongoing challenges and successes of running and being a small progressive responsive organization. With the many activities we have hosted and participated in, I mostly fondly will take memories of rewarding conversations where people’s eyes light up as they gain new information that ignites passionate action. I have learned so much from each of you and the transformative work that we have shared together. I am confident that – with the dedication of the Board, new staff, and all of you alongside – the PRC will persevere through the next phase and build a new future of important peace work.

The Board is committed and meeting regularly. Walking in hand with Peta, they will together provide capable leadership during this time of transition. We shall see what details will change or stay the same, but the PRC will endure. To use a song quote, don’t stop believing! Show your dedication to peace, justice, sustainability, and the future of PRC by contributing extra generously through this transition.

In peace, gratitude, and love,

Mariah Gayler

Remember, send in your contribution or membership dues – right now! – with the form below or on to our website. Also, keep your eyes out later this year for information about new membership benefits!

Download a PDF version of this letter

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We have just updated our site layout and added various new information. Please take a look around and make use of this resource! We hope it will be useful to you. If you notice anything that’s not working*, such as wrong/broken links, please contact us with the details so that we can try to fix it.

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