(A) Introduce Affirmation: Affirmation is the idea that it’s possible to find good and admirable qualities in every human being. That person might not be your friend, but you can still notice some things that you like. Let students know that they are going to practice finding and naming the good in their classmates. Each student will hang up a heart with their name on it and others will put positive words on their heart.
Ask for a show of hands- how many heard positive words so far today? Express hope that they will hear more by the end of the time together.
7 min, 17 total

Introduce Activity: Affirmation Hearts: have construction paper at each student’s place. Demonstrate to students how to draw a heart by folding the paper in the middle, and drawing half of the heart on one side. Students cut out their hearts and write their name somewhere on it. Guide students where to tape their hearts up on walls or easels.
10 min, 27 total

Then…have each child write their name on six cards and put them in six different containers. Mix these up and have each child pull one card from each container. If they pull their own name, they put it back and try again.
10 min, 37 total

Ask each student to write a positive, complimentary word on the back of the name card. If they need help thinking of words, they can pick a word from a list you provide. Give students glue sticks to glue their words to a classmate’s heart.
15 min. 52 total

Below is a list:
adventurous artistic              athletic            brave               calm                cheerful           confident
considerate     cooperative      creative           curious            dependable     easygoing       encouraging
fair                   friendly             funny               generous         good at…        graceful           helpful
honest             humorous        imaginative      independent    intelligent         kind                 loyal
patient             pleasant           polite                positive            quick               reliable            skilled at…
smart in…  sweet               talented at…  thoughtful        trustworthy      wise  

Leave the hearts posted until it is close to the time to leave.

(B) Gather students on the rugs for the next activity.
Ask students to give thumbs up or thumbs down on the last activity.
Ask if affirmation has a connection to peace.
What might some connections be?
5 min. 57 total

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