Read: Peace Begins With You Book by Katherine Scholes
(Consider skipping the page with the molotov cocktail pic, and reading only some of the last two pages, which don’t have illustrations)
After reading: what are some ways to grow peace?

During this time, a helper can take down the hearts and have them ready to give to the students.
11 min, 68 total

(A) Introduce Art Activity: Making A Giant Peace Sign from colored paper hand cutouts.

Show students some colored paper hands that were prepared beforehand. Let students know that you want them to trace and cut out their hands four times. Have a poster to show the four topics to be written on the hands.
Have a big peace sign outlined on a large piece of cardboard. As students finish one of their four hands, ask them to bring it to you to place on the peace sign. Continue gluing hands to the peace sign until students finish tasks. If some students finish their four hands sooner, they can continue to make more hands, or assist a classmate with theirs.

What can YOU do?
-to be more peaceful inside, -to be more peaceful in school, -to be more peaceful in my family,
-to help the world be more peaceful
25 min, 93 total

Snack/ bathroom break
15 min, 108 min total

(B) Circle:
If time, distribute hearts. If not, give them to the teacher to distribute back at school
Gather students together for two (as time allows) circle questions:
What did you like about today?
What is something peaceful you can plan to do from now on?
10 min, 118 min total

Closing: Stand Up for Peace
Ask students to take the hands of the persons beside them and help each other stand up without touching the floor.
2 min, 120 total


Peace Education Workshop Bonus 3rd 4th 5th – print version pdf


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