Peace Education Workshop – Fifth Grade

Agenda Preview
3 min, 13 total

(A) Our California Peacemaker
“Now we are going to look closely at a Peacemaker you may know. His name was Cesar Chavez. Give a thumbs up, if you have heard of Cesar Chavez. Good! Before we start, I’d like you to do some thinking about some words that are in the story.”
— At the rug, divide the group into four smaller groups. Give each group a paper with one of the words on it. One person in each group can write down the group’s ideas on the word paper. The words are: Nonviolence, Pilgrimage, Strike, Contract
— Ask each group to share what they know about their word. If they’re not sure, ask them to guess the meaning. “From the words I gave you, can you predict what might be in the story?” “The name of this book is “Harvesting Hope”. As you hear the story, I’d like you to think about how the things that Cesar Chavez did that helped people to have hope.”
6 min, 19 total

Read story.
“How did you feel when I read about the farmworker families only getting 30 cents a day?
What did you think when you heard that they didn’t have bathrooms, drinking water, or breaks?
How did Cesar Chavez help people to hope?
Is Hope something that Peacemakers usually help people with?
What else do they do?” Pair-Share
12 min, 31 total

(B) Student Peacemakers

Show students the Ways list, also have enough lists printed out for each table.

“I’d like you to think about yourself in the last week. If you see something on the list that you did in the last week, I’d like you to write it, and your name on a colored paper strip. You may also think of something that is not on the list. If you’re not sure, come and check with me. With these strips we will make a big chain of peacemaking that you can take back to your classroom. To do that, we need to tape them into links. Here’s an example.”
Students can work on tables or on the floor with clipboards. Allow 10 minutes to make the chain. At end, gather students back together again. Ask how they felt about finding peacemaker traits in themselves. Ask what they think about their classroom chain.
15 min, 46 total