Peace Education Workshop – Fifth Grade

“So, we are going to make our own reusable recycled bags! We’ll start with a t-shirt we don’t wear anymore and we’ll turn it into a bag. Then when you go to the store, you don’t have to use a plastic bag!” Distribute a T-shirt and scissors to each student. Demonstrate one and go around to assist students in making their bags. Encourage students to write their names on their bags.

Instructions for turning a t-shirt into a cloth bag:
35 min, 1 hr, 46 min total

(B) Closing
Gather students in a standing circle. “I hope that you’ve enjoyed your field trip to the Peace Resource Center. Now you know a lot more about peace, so you can be resources too, to your friends and family. We’ve certainly enjoyed having you here today.” Ask students to do a One Word Share. Using a Talking Piece, go around the circle and ask each person to share one word that is about their learning today.
5 min. / 1 hr. 51 min. total

Additional resources :
Plastic, Ahoy!: Investigating the Great Pacific Garbage Patch by Patricia Newman (not in the PRC library)
Handout: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Peace Education Workshop – Fifth Grade – print version pdf