Peace Education Workshop – First Grade

(A) People to People Game (Play this game for about 4 minutes.) Have students get a partner, but explain that they will be having lots of partners in this game. Explain that you will call out an instruction, such as “toe to toe”. When they hear the instruction, they should join their partner in touching toes. (Be very careful about what you suggest they might touch. Suggestions: shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee, heel to heel, thumb to thumb. You can vary it, by saying thumb to knee, etc.) Also let the students know that when you call “People to People”, they need to get a new partner.
4 min

(A) Distribute nametags, Agenda Preview
5 min, 9 min total

(B) What is the Peace Resource Center
Seat students on the rugs in front of you. Ask children to get a partner and have them do a pair-share about what they think the Peace Resource Center is, and what it’s for. Then ask students what they heard their partner say. Summarize their ideas. That we are here to help all kinds of people, young and old, far and near learn about peace, about what is fair, and to encourage people to take care of the earth. We believe in nonviolence, which means that there are kinder and smarter ways to solve problems than hurting others or using weapons. So, we welcome you; we’re glad you’re here, and we hope that you will make many visits back here.
5 min, 14 min total

(A) Story reading: Introduce the book “One” by Kathryn Otoshi with this question: “What does it mean to count?”
Answers will likely have to do with sequences of numbers. Point to the letters in the book title and say, “What if I said to you that this little “e” is not sure that he counts. What does that mean?” When you feel that you count, then you know that you are important to the group. But what if you don’t feel you count? What would you be thinking”? (That a person doesn’t feel they are important or their feelings matter.)

“Let’s go back to our “e” here. Do you think “e” is important to the rest of the word? (yes) Give a thumbs up if you ever felt that your feelings didn’t count?”
“So, let’s find out what One is about. And try to see… is there a helper in this story?”
3 min, 17 min total