Peace Education Workshop – First Grade

“Bear is not cool.” “I like Bear.” or “Bear is a good friend to me.”
“Bear doesn’t count.” “I think Bear is important, because everybody is important.”
“Bear can’t play with us.” “Bear is welcome to play with me.”
“Bear is dumb.” “Bear has a good brain.”

Add-on question at end: “What if (the puppet) said: NO, you’re the one that’s dumb? Is this a good idea? Why or why not?”
10 min, 47 min total

Snack/bathroom break
15 min, 62 min total

(A) A Precious Gift
Return to rug area. Say: “I’d like to play a guessing game with you. After each guess, I will add a hint until someone guesses the right answer. Okay?”
– I’m thinking of something that everyone uses.
– We do lots of different things with it.
– It’s always inside of us, and sometimes we are in it.
– Plants need it.
– Animals need it.
– People cannot live without it.
– When it gets very cold, it can be hard and slippery.
– It cools us off.
– There is plenty of it in the ocean, but we can’t use it that way.
– We wash with it.” (etc, as needed)
3 min, 65 min total

Water! “So, let’s talk about water and where we get it. In California, it usually only snows in the mountains. When the snow melts, it flows into big lakes called reservoirs. Pipes bring the water to our houses and schools. But sometimes it doesn’t snow or rain enough, and then we have a drought.
Ask students: What’s a drought? A drought is when it doesn’t rain or snow enough, and the soil, plants and trees get very dry. Without enough water, plants or animals can die, and we have a greater danger of fire.”

“What can we do when we have a drought? We can’t make it snow or rain, so we have to be careful with what we have. Ask students: What are some ways that you save water?”
3 min. 68 min total