Peace Education Workshop – First Grade

“This video shows us some of the same ideas for saving water that you mentioned. We’ll take a little time to watch it, and then we will go outside to see how we save water here.”

(B) prepare & play video:
3 min, 71 min total

If you don’t have access to this video, consider reading Saving Water (Help the Environment) By Charlotte Guillain

(B) Prep for the walk: Before they get up, tell students that they are going to see parts of the building and things outside for collecting rainwater. One thing they won’t see is a cistern. Ask if students know what a cistern is (Big tank that holds rainwater). Ours is underground, near our windmill. Show students diagram of an underground cistern. MYPBjDjWaRVmlkcVhvck9ZQUE/view?usp=sharing “When we return to the Peace Resource Center, I’d like you to think about how you can help your family or your neighborhood to save water.”
3 min, 74 min total

(A) WALK: Have students line up with a partner, starting at the PRC door. First, visit the women’s bathroom. Place a hand under the (low-flow) faucet and ask students what they notice. The water turns on/off automatically! This reminds us not to use too much.
As you step out into the courtyard, ask students if they notice anything that might help save water. Point out that the sloped roof catches rainwater, which goes into a rain gutter. Where do they think the rain gutters go? (Cistern) Point out the drain in the center of the courtyard. Ask students where they think rainwater goes when it rains (also cistern).
Ask students to look around. Do they see anything else that helps to save rainwater? “Trees hold rainwater in their roots and keep the soil in place. Why don’t we want the rainwater to go to the ocean?” We want as much water as possible to stay on the land because it keeps the plants and animals alive.
Take students to the edge of the parking lot. Point out the white troughs (in the blacktop) which collect rainwater. Ask students to notice where the trough leads (to the windmill). Where do you think the cistern is? It is underground, about 20 feet long from right at this windmill. Does a windmill save water? (No.) Does it save anything? (Electricity) What do you think this windmill is for? It pumps water up to our big tank. Where do you think it goes from the big tank? It goes to pipes and hoses in the garden.”

“If we didn’t save our water here, where would it go”? (The ocean)
15 min, 99 min total