Peace Education Workshop – First Grade

(B) Circle Up: Pair share within the circle about ways to save water. Instead of sharing verbally, ask SOME students to volunteer to ACT OUT one of their water saving ideas. Peers will try to guess what strategies students are portraying. After, summarize what has been shared, and give this HOMEWORK: Ask students to share this information with people at home.
10 min. 109 min. total

Circle closing: Let’s end our lesson by pretending that we are each a tiny seed in the soil. The sun has warmed us, and rain is giving us moisture. Show me how you would grow into a beautiful sunflower. When all sunflowers have risen, ask students to return to being children again. Ask each student to smile at two other students, someone they don’t usually smile at. Let them know they will have one minute to do this, and when they hear the chime, ask them to sit down and be ready to hear a story about what you can do when someone is unkind. (3 min. 112 min. total)

Have everyone stand up and shake a foot, a leg, an arm, a hand, a head.
“How does that feel?” (Good, fun.) “I’m glad. When people act in peaceful ways, include other people, and take good care of the earth, we can all feel good. I hope you enjoyed your time here at the Peace Resource Center and that you will share what you learned with your families. I look forward to having you visit again.”
“Let’s do a little more shaking and we’ll say “Whoa” starting out very quietly, and getting a little louder and a little louder as you see my hand go up to the ceiling. When my hand starts to come down, you will get softer and softer, until it touches the floor, and you’ll be very quiet and still. Ready?”
5 min, 117 min

Other possible stories about standing up to bullying, and can be seen on YouTube:
The Recess Queen by Alexis O’neill
Spaghetti On a Hot Dog Bun by Maria Desmondi


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