Peace Education Workshop – Fourth Grade

(A) Powerpoint: Save the Rainforest (Young Hero for the Earth)
(B runs the projector while A reads the story)
I’ve got a story that I want to share with you. It’s about an 8 year old. He learned about something that happened in his country and he decided to do something about it. When you hear his story, I’d like you to ask yourself what made him so strong? And how could he do the things that he did?
Show powerpoint. (Narrate from notes provided with powerpoint)
Repeat the previous questions: What made Omar so strong? How could he do such important work?
10 min, 27 total

(B) Peacemaker Activity:
Game: I Agree

Have the group form a standing circle. Let students know that you are going to make a statement, and if they agree with the statement, they are to take one step (emphasize one step) into the circle, saying “I agree”. If they disagree, they stay where they are. Practice by beginning with “We are in the Peace Resource Center”.

Omar really cared about the rainforest, even though he had never seen one.(agree)
Jaguars and cougars live in Mexican rainforests.(agree)
There are no butterflies in the rainforest (disagree)
Scientists often find new medicines in rainforest plants.(agree)
Some of our hamburger meat comes from cattle that graze where the rainforest was cut down.(agree)
Omar and his father walked 200 miles to the rainforest (disagree).
Omar’s father had enough money to go all the way to the rainforest.(disagree)
The Mexican president talked to an 8 year old about saving the rainforest.(agree)
Omar couldn’t save all of the rainforest, but he did help.(agree)
Kids can do amazing things (agree)

Omar helped the world by getting people interested in rainforests. Turn to a partner and tell him or her how you would like to help the world.
5 min, 32 total

(A) Sustainability
(During this time B prepares to show the video)
So Omar and his dad, and the kids who joined him wanted to keep the rainforest going. Cutting down the rainforest to make pasture for beef cattle isn’t a sustainable practice.

But what is sustainability?
To sustain is to keep something going. One of the things we’d like to keep going is the earth, along with the people, plants and animals on it. When we do things in a sustainable way, that means there is enough for everyone, and that is a good way to keep peace.
To get to sustainability, we are going to need your help.
Take a look at Bill Nye the science guy. He explains what’s been happening pretty well.
(video is 3 minutes long)