Peace Education Workshop – Fourth Grade

So, Bill Nye is helping us to understand that using non-renewable fuels, like coal and gas, is heating up the earth’s atmosphere in an unhealthy way. Fossil fuels are taken out of the earth and processed in a way that we can use them, such as gas for our cars, or propane for our grills. Does anyone know what are some other fossil fuels? (Uranium, natural gas, petroleum (or oil).
There are two ways we can help this problem. We can use less energy or we can use renewable energy. What kinds of energy are renewable? Turn to a partner and share your idea of renewable energy. (Take students’ ideas until you have heard the three main sources. Note that there are other renewable sources such as geothermal and biomass)
The main ones are solar, wind, hydroelectric, (ask students to explain each one.)
7 min, 39 total

(B) Conservation
So let’s focus on the idea of using less energy. Does anyone know a name for that? It’s called Conservation. What is conservation? Conservation means that while we are still using energy, we use less.
How do we do that?(Group brainstorm) List the student’s ideas on chart paper. Have your list of ideas behind the students’ list.

Energy Saving Ideas (Have these on a chart, but list the kids’ ideas first before showing it.)
Walk, ride bikes, scooters instead of getting a ride in the car.
Use public transportation, such as busses or trolleys.
Buy less stuff.
Buy stuff with less packaging (Plastic in packaging comes from petroleum (oil).
Encourage your family to go to the farmer’s market, usually the food was grown nearby and it didn’t have to travel as far.
You can take your own bag to the farmer’s market, or to the supermarket, and that saves energy.
Instead of throwing your old toys and clothes away, find someone who can use them.
Turn off lights and other appliances when they are not being used.
Use daylight instead of electric light when you can.
Take shorter showers.
Unplug phone and laptop chargers. They use energy even when they are not charging!
Encourage your family to use a clothesline to dry clothes.
Encourage your family to use fluorescent or LED light bulbs.
Use a refillable water bottle. It takes a lot of energy to make plastic bottles and transport them!

Compare your list with the list that the students generated. Note where the ideas were the same. Give positive feedback for the student list.|
Let students know that they will be working with these ideas to create a poster for Conservation after they have a break.
7 min, 45 total