Peace Education Workshop – Fourth Grade

Snack/Bathroom break
15 min, 60 total

(B) Activity: Advertise Conservation
Ask the teacher to pick pairs that will work well together and assign the pairs a place next to one another. Provide paper and markers. Have all of the above ideas on strips of paper and have each pair pick one (randomly is easier).
Show an example of a conservation poster with an illustration and catchy slogan.
Some examples of catchy slogans:
Be green like a pro, by conserving H20. Or- Put a stop to the drop.
More ideas here:

(Don’t make it too fancy, or kids may be too intimidated to try.) Let students know that you expect them to work cooperatively on the next task. Ask pairs to illustrate their conservation concept, and think of a catchy or poetic way to write the message. Also ask the pairs to talk with each other about who will do what on the poster before they begin. Students could also decide that one member of the team will write the slogan and the other will do the illustration.
Let students know you will be coming around to their work spaces to check on how they are doing or if they need help. Let them know they will have 20 minutes to create their poster.
If there are uneven numbers, choose one of the following options:
A leader could work with one student.
Three students could work together.
One of the students could work alone.

After 15 minutes, give a 5 minute warning.
25 min, 85 total

(A) At the 20 minute mark,
Ask pairs to sit next to each other as the class forms a circle. Have students share their poster.
Ask how might students use their posters to help others to conserve. Where might they put their poster, and who might they want to teach?
20 min, 105 total

(A or A&B) Conclusion: Standing Circle
Thank the group for coming and express a wish that you will see the students again.
Then, each student finishes this statement: It was interesting that _________. Once they complete the statement, they extend one arm into the circle, until everyone’s had a turn. At that point, all arms are lifted to the sky for a “Peace” cheer.
7 min, 112 total

*Note: As of this date (5/3/2016) Save My Rainforest is still available as a new or used book, and of course, it is available in the PRC library in both English and Spanish. Other sources for this sort of information:

Book: Heroes of the Environment: True Stories of People Who Are Helping to Protect Our Planet by Harriet Rohmer (includes stories about young heroes)

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