Peace Education Workshop – Kindergarten

(A) Mirror Game: Divide the class into mirrors and actors. This works best if you have the class split into two lines with partners facing each other. Demonstrate slow motion acting. Ask actors to make it easy for mirrors to follow them. Let mirrors know that they will have a turn to be actors also. Each side will have two minutes to act.
How was that? Thumbs up, thumbs sideways or thumbs down.
5 min.

Seat students on the rugs in front of you.
Introduce yourself, distribute name tags.
5 min. cum. 10 min

(B) What is the Peace Resource Center?
Ask children what they think the Peace Resource Center is, and what it’s for. You may do this as a pair-share, depending on the group. Then ask students what they heard their partner say.) Emphasize that we are here to help all kinds of people, young and old, far and near learn about peace, about what is fair, and to encourage people to take care of the earth. We believe in nonviolence, which means that there are kinder and smarter ways to solve problems than hurting others or using weapons.
“So we welcome you; we’re glad you’re here, and we hope that you will make many visits back here.”
5 min., cum 15 min

(A) Plan for the Day: Even if the students can’t read it’s still useful to post the plan.
Let students know that they will be hearing a story, seeing a video, making a puppet, practicing being a peacemaker with the puppet. They’ll have a snack, go for a garden walk, and come back inside for some pretending.
2 min. cum 17 min

Stretch: “Stand up and wiggle! Turn around. Reach for the sky. Smile at someone. Touch your toes. March in place. Return to sitting.”
1 min.,cum 18 min.

(B) Who is the Peacemaker? Intro
“I’d like to share a story with you about a peacemaker. What do you think a peacemaker is?
A peacemaker is someone who decides not to fight or to be unkind. They help others in different ways. If they feel angry, they might talk about their feelings, but they aren’t mean. They try to see what other people need, and they might try to help them get it.

See if you can figure out who the peacemaker is in this story:”