Peace Education Workshop – Kindergarten

Read The Quarrelling Book by Charlotte Zolotow. Because The Quarrelling Book is very small, you may prefer to show it on screen.
10 min. cum 28 min

Discussion (Leader A sets up video during this time)
Did you notice any hurt feelings in this story? Yes, Mrs. James, Jonathan, Sally, Marjorie and Eddie all had hurt feelings. What character was most helpful in the story? The dog! Did anyone else try to make peace? (Marjorie gave Eddie a pencil, and took back her words. Sally forgave Jonathan for saying she would be late. Jonathan promised his mother he would put the shirt in the laundry.)
5 min, cum 33 min.

(A) Video and Discussion
I’d like to show you another way to be a peacemaker: Show this video:

Did you see anyone in the video who was a peacemaker? Zack the Zebra saw that there was meanness and he talked to the ones being mean. Sometimes a peacemaker has to say the truth strongly. Was there anyone else that was a peacemaker? Ty the Tiger said, “Let’s all play on the climbing bars.” He was being a peacemaker because he wasn’t mean back to Lance and Alexa.
5 min. cum 38

(B) Making Puppets and Peacemaker Puppet Plays
Ask the teacher to assign students to a table with their Mirror Game Partner. Show students a paper doll puppet. (See template for paper doll puppets.) Distribute blank puppet cut outs, tape and craft sticks. Let students know that they will put a face, hair on their puppet, so that they can practice being a peacemaker.
One rule is that puppets may not fight for real. Let students know that they will have 5 minutes to make their puppet. Then ask them to use their puppets to say or do something that helps people and keeps them from fighting. For instance, Marjorie gave Eddie his best pencil. Some people might apologize for something they did to hurt someone.” Zack stood up for the ones who were being bullied. Your puppet could pretend to make a card for someone. Your puppet might share something or let someone go first. You can decide. After you pretend, I’ll come around and ask you to show me your idea.” Circulate among students.