Peace Education Workshop – Kindergarten

Idea Bank for Puppet Plays
I didn’t know it would hurt your feelings. I’m sorry.
You are all alone. Do you want to play?
Namecalling hurts people’s feelings. Sam is smart!
Let’s not get mad. Let’s be peaceful.
I feel angry, so I’m going to take a break.
Everybody can play!
I’m going to use my words to work on this problem.
I will share my ______ with you.
I think we might need a grown-up to help us.

Collect student’s puppets, to make room for snack.
12 min., cum 50 min

Circle: Bring students back to the rug to form a sitting circle and share:
“How would it feel if someone would help you if someone was being unkind?”
Summarize what is said. Emphasize that kindness spreads. Ask for a thumbs up if kids would focus on being kind when they return to the classrooms.
5 min. cum 55 min.

Snack/Bathroom break:
15 min. cum 70 min

(A) Stretch: Ask students to stand. Ask them to imitate your actions as you mime different movements with your hands, arms, head. See if students can follow silently. Sit back down.
2 min. cum 72min

Preparation for Peace Garden Tour
Show students some pictures of fruits or vegetables they might see in the garden.
(source for vegetable pictures: or
Ask if they know what each item is.

“How many of you have been in a vegetable garden before? How about an orchard? (ask students if they know what an orchard is.) How many of your families have grown their own food? What is your favorite thing to eat from a vegetable garden?
In a few minutes, we are going to go into the garden. As we do, I’d like you to stay together, and for that reason, we are going to use this rope. When you line up, we’ll put the rope between you and your partner. I’ll just ask you to always have one hand on the rope and stand next to your partner.
There are many things that are alive in a garden. Please be careful and gentle with all of the living things. You may see the adults picking things, because they know what to pick. Please don’t pick anything. If you are curious about something you see, raise your hand to ask about it.