Peace Education Workshop – Kindergarten

When we are out there, I want you to notice many things. You might taste something, feel something, smell something, hear something, and you will see many things. The freeway is noisy here, so you may have to try extra hard to hear other things. When we come back inside, I will ask you what you noticed.
5 min., cum 77 min.

(A&B) Tour Peace Garden

Students will view herbs, vegetables and fruits. Leader will pause at different spots for students to to see, feel, taste and smell plants.
Return to main room of the PRC.
15 min., cum 92 min.

(B or A&B) Circle up (Two circles if there are two leaders). What did you notice? What was your favorite thing? Is there anything that you would like to grow?
5 min., cum 97 min.

(A) Dramatize: “Think of your favorite plant or tree. Pretend that you are the seed of that plant, very small, and covered by the earth. Can you feel the warmth of the sun? Do you want to burst above the surface? Pop up a little bit now, and reach your roots down into the soil. Now it’s raining. Days go by and you are getting bigger. You have leaves. The wind moves your leaves. Now imagine what happens next. Will you keep getting bigger, or will it be time to be picked? Are you going to be eaten? How would it feel to be in someone’s tummy?
Now imagine you are a human again!”
3 min., cum 100 min.

(B) Conclusion
“We hope you enjoyed your time here at the Peace Resource Center. We hope you will share what you learned here today with your family and friends. We also hope you will come back here many times. Before you go, I want to teach you how to do a “Wow”. Demonstrate putting one hand on the floor, then raising it to the sky, while drawing out the word “Wow”. We’ll do it all together on the count of 3.”
2 min, cum 102 min.

Peace Education Workshop – Kindergarten – print version pdf