“Ruby Bridges was nonviolent because she cared about people even when they didn’t care about her. Being so brave, Ruby showed people that it was right for African Americans to go to the same schools as white.”

Use one of these questions:
“If you could choose to be like Ruby, what part would you choose?
If there was a child who was different from everyone else and wasn’t allowed in your school because of that difference, would you do anything to help that child? Why or why not?”

5 min, total 96 min

(B) Corners Activity
Have the following 4 words taped up in 4 “corners” of the room:
patient, brave, hopeful, peaceful
Have students define these words. “The word that I think best describes Ruby Bridges is…” Ask students to decide which word they agree with most and call them corner by corner to join others who think the same. Have students a group, students discuss their reasons behind choosing their word and then explain it to the rest.
10 min, total 106 min.

(A) Me and Ruby Worksheet Activity
(see worksheet) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-MYPBjDjWaRaE9EbkdzdWZSOW8/view? usp=sharing
Ask students to return to the tables where they made their wrist bands to complete the worksheet. Ask them to come right back to the circle when they have finished.
6 min. total 112 min.
Have students complete the worksheet in preparation for:
(B) One Word Sharing Circle
Ask students to complete the Me and Ruby Worksheet. When they are finished, ask them to share in what way they are like Ruby.
“We have more to do today, but first, you are going to take a bathroom break, and then we’ll have a quick snack.” (Provide water and popcorn or other snack.)
Invite students to sit inside or outside on the benches for their snack. Say 10 minutes, but allow 15.
6 min, total 118 min

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