(A) Return, Circle and Conclusion
“We’ve been talking about trees, thinking about their importance, acting like trees and observing trees. I have two questions that I’d like you to answer as we go around the circle.
What is your favorite tree and
What, to you, what is the most important thing about trees?” (Model a response that reemphasizes the importance of trees cleaning the air, but don’t go first.)

Return to rug area inside
PRC. 7 min, total 165 min

(B) Conclusion
Stand in circle.
Say: We hope you enjoyed your time here at the Peace Resource Center and that you will share what you learned here today with your family and friends. We also hope you will come back here many times.
“To get ready to go, I’m going to make myself an imaginary helium balloon. And now I am going to make a wish and put it inside the balloon. Now it’s your turn to do the same. On the count of three we will release our balloons and send our wishes out. When we’ve let them go, we’ll all say “Yay!”
Thank you for coming.”
1 min, total 166 min


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