Peace Education Workshop – Third Grade

(A) Video and Artistic Reaction
Let students know that they will be seeing a short video. The video is about students who get picked on. When the video is finished, you will ask students to quietly go to a table space, where they will find paper and markers. Students will choose one of the picked on students from the video and draw something that represents an emotion that they would feel if they were that person. Drawings could be of a face, or weather, or it could be abstract.
Give students 5 minutes to draw, and ask them to come back to the rug with their drawing and make a Circle. Ask them to place drawings face down on the rug.
10 min, 25 total

Circle: Send a talking piece around and ask students to show their drawing and to say 1-4 words about the feeling they would have if they were picked on. At the end, summarize what you have heard students say.
7 min, 32 total

(A) Stand up and stretch
Do a quick hokey-pokey Arm, leg, head), and then gather students in a clump on the rug.
2 min, 34 total

(B) Story: Say Something
Before reading: “This book is called Say Something. It’s about kids who are picked on by other kids. Another word for this is bullying. Why are some kids bullied? If you see bullying would you try to help?”
“Later on, you will get a chance to tell a classmate if you have ever been picked on or bullied”
The illustrations in this book are an important part of the story. As you read, ask students to interpret facial expressions of the characters.

After reading: Bullying is a word that a lot of people use. But what is bullying, really? Have students pair-share)? Accept the students’ answers, then share with them this definition on the chart paper):

Bullying is unfair and one-sided. It happens when someone keeps hurting, frightening, threatening, or leaving someone out on purpose.

Help students understand that bullying is different from conflict.
Connect the story with the video and emotions discussion.
Regarding the story:
Why is the girl mad at the kids who didn’t say or do anything?
What do you think it’s like for a kid who gets treated meanly every day?
What are some ways to deal with bullying?