Peace Education Workshop – Third Grade

(A) Give each student the handout How Best to be a Buddy. The suggestions on the sheet are:
Avoid yelling at the person doing the harm; ask the person being excluded to join your game; spend time with the person being picked on; help the person get away, make a distraction, call the person at home and encourage them, help the person tell adults.
Have students take turns reading the suggestions. Ask the reader to give an example of what that might look like or sound like
15 min, 49 total

(B) Data gathering and Snack:Prepare a chart ahead of time that will have enough spaces for data from the number of students you are hosting. It will list the questions that the students will be answering.
Have students get a partner. Provide each pair with a clipboard, with Tally Sheets on them. Each student interviews the other student and puts tallies in the appropriate boxes on their sheet. Have students move to a new part of the room to do their interview. When they finish, have them hand you their tally sheet, then proceed to the snack table. Let students know that a graph will be completed while they eat their snacks and take their bathroom breaks.

During snack time, enter the data onto the graph you have prepared or have a helper do it.

Data review:
Have students return to the rug and begin to review the class’ data with them.
Ask students what they think about the data they have collected.
Do they think there are too many instances of people who are picked on? of exclusion?
Do they think there are enough people helping?
Ask students to pair-share about how they can help lower the numbers on their graph.
Have several pairs share out their ideas.
10 min, 59 total

(A) Make Paper Bag Puppets
While still on the rug, let students know that they will be making paper bag puppets that they will be using to practice what they can do to help in bullying situations. Show students an example of a paper bag puppet that you’ve made ahead of time, and ask them to make their puppet a third grader or fourth, if class is combined). Let them know that they will be assigned to work in a smaller group. A green slip of paper means they will go to the round room, a red slip means they will stay in the PRC.

Have students come to tables, preferably in groups that the teacher has planned. Do this ahead.) Give them about 10 minutes to complete their puppets
As students complete their puppets, form two groups. Groups will work best with even numbers. Consider taking the first group finished to the Round Room
10 min, total 1 hr 16 min