Peace Education Workshop – Third Grade

(A&B) Role Plays see scenarios below)
Make sure to have How Best to Be A Buddy Handout with you.
Revisit the How Best to Be A Buddy Handout. Using the role play scenarios, invite students to act out with their puppet what they could do if those situations happened. Ask different students to respond to practice the different strategies on the Handout.
Finish the activity by asking how students would feel if they were the targeted child and others became their buddies
16 min, total 1 hr 32 min

Breakout groups come back to PRC.

(B) Circle Feedback: Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down
Did students like doing the role plays?
Did they feel comfortable using a buddy strategy?
Do students think they will use a buddy strategy in real life?
3 min, total 1 hr 35 min

Circle: The Peace Resource Center wants to help change the world. We want people and the earth to be treated with kindness, and justice. How would you like to change the world? Pass the world ball around.
Summarize what is said and then ask students to stand.
6 min, total 1 hr 57 min

(A) Conclusion: Let’s stand and have a cheer for Peace! and then you’ll be on your way!