The recognition that everything is connected, that our work on social and environmental and spiritual concerns intersect deeply, and that this as a framework for our own individual activism will strengthen our work.

Resources on:

Poverty, Economic Justice
Race, (In)Equality
Immigration, Nationalism
Spirituality, Moralism
Militarism, Colonialism, Sovereignty

& Sex/Gender

PRISMSS gatherings in 2017:

February 25:  Addressing the People’s Issues Continued Conversation….the Criminal Injustice System.

Join the Peace Resource Center as we welcome organizational partners to lead us in education and discussion around the Criminal Injustice System.

People Over Profits San Diego (POPSD) has been engaged in criminal justice organizing and has focused on the problem of mass incarceration in our society and the damage it continues to inflict on communities of color. They are also involved in efforts against the privatization of correctional facilities. Their membership and organizational agenda are reflective of the Barrio Logan neighborhood in San Diego where they hold their open weekly Wednesday night meetings. POPSD will discuss what the current trends are with the criminal justice system in San Diego and what impact these trends are having on people of color.

Community Assistance Support Team (CAST) plays a critical role in gang intervention work, as well as providing exceptional support to victims of crime. They rely heavily on the participation and the wisdom of local clergy for this work and this makes us grounded in City Heights and South Eastern San Diego. CAST will discuss their current work that includes violence prevention for youth and young adults, training for law enforcement, mobile response team, and direct support for victims and families of crimes.

Feb 4 – Plenary: Discussion on Race and Power
Presentation: Knowing Immigration Rights in the Trump Era
Discussion break-out groups:
1.) Feminism and Sexism in the Movement
2.) Showing Up for Racial Justice- Organizing White People for Racial Justice
3.) Economic Resistance- Boycotts/ Using Your Dollars to Support Social Justice
4.) Using Peace to Push the Arc of Justice
5.) Right to a Roof- Affordable Housing
6.) Sustainability- A Resource Based Economy 
7.) Racism in the Movement
8.) Spiritual Rejuvenation- Sustaining Yourself in the Transformational Work 
Closing on Race and Power: Committing to Being Part of the Solution