The U.S. Military is the largest single consumer of energy in the world

 Your Tax Dollars, Your Priorities?earth_hands
  • Every hour, U.S. Taxpayers pay $58 million for the Department of Defense.
  • In comparison, only $3.4 million per hour is spent on Environmental Protection.
  • In 2006, the US spent more on the war in Iraq than the entire world spent on renewable energy investment.
  • The projected full costs of the Iraq war (estimated $3 trillion) would cover “all of the global investments in renewable power generation” needed between now and 2030 to reverse global warming trends.

Power to the People and the Environment

If we implement the right policies and frameworks, we can achieve large-scale deployment of renewable energy that creates jobs, increases incomes, improves trade balances and contributes to industrial development.

What You Can Do!

Share this! Many folks aren’t aware of the information and we can’t count on Media to provide it. Knowledge is power!

Talk to your representatives and challenge candidates. If we don’t question the status quo, nothing changes.

Learn more! Start by checking out the references on this flyer.

Volunteer! Join the PRC or another organization working for peace, justice and sustainability.

1-26-2015 Environmental Costs Brochure.pdf

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