2016 has been taxing, tumultuous and troubling, to say the least! With the results of the November election, achieving peace in this culture of violence will be all the more challenging in 2017.

We know that for many it seems easier to ignore troubling issues- “ignorance is bliss.” But we also know that ignorance and inactivity will not change things – and in fact, will only make our world worse. The PRC depends on our active members to be the change we need, to support the work that must be done.

Your Peace Resource Center of San Diego will continue to promote justice and peace in 2017. We will work together with you to broaden and deepen outreach around these messages:
-climate change is real, decimating humanity and nature; we must act now to curb it
-black and brown lives do matter, there must be equal dignity and justice
-global war is wrong, economically, politically, and morally, creating hate and more war
-economic inequality is fundamentally inhumane, serves only the greedy; we need fair labor and fair share;

-border walls are shortsighted and inevitably ineffective; they divide, we unite;
-militarism is a disease eating away at the heart of our society, and must be cured

The Peace Resource Center will, and must, continue. But the degree we succeed directly depends on our partnership with members, supporters, partner organizations, and donors. Your PRC lives by your dollar support. Support is tax deductible; the PRC is a 501-c-3 nonprofit, tax ID # 95-3594247. We must raise over $60,000 in community support to sustain actions, and can do more if we exceed this level.

Think about donations to the PRC this holiday and year-end giving season – support for meaningful change rather than another tie or scarf! Ask your family and friends to support your wishes by giving to the PRC as “alternative giving” – it will be the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year!

Support is welcome by mail or online:

Peace Resource Center of San Diego, 3850 Westgate Place, San Diego, CA 92105

Online giving: https://www.prcsd.org/donate/

Thank you – Courage and Partnership to us all in 2017