Resources on Immigration and Immigrants

“No human being is illegal.”

Most people have no idea how complicated the U.S. system is, nor how many folks are just shut out, period. This is from Reason magazine, October 2008.


Immigrants for Sale (video)immigrants_for_sale_01

Have you heard of the prison-industrialcomplex? Immigrants who are detained are worth more than 5 billion dollars to the private prison industry. In the shadows, these companies and their lobbyists are responsible for writing anti-immigrant laws.


How Immigration Became Illegal”: Aviva Chomsky on U.S. Exploitation of Migrant Workers (video)

farmworker_01This talk by the author of the book by the same name “details how systemic prejudice against Mexicans and many other migrant workers has been woven into U.S. immigration policies that deny them the same path to citizenship that have long been granted to European immigrants. She draws parallels between the immigration laws that criminalize migrants, and the caste system that has oppressed African Americans.” – Democracy Now

US Officials at Mexican Border Accused of Widespread Human Rights Abuses

border_01The ACLU, Human Rights Watch and the American Friends Service Committee have all documented cases of the Border Patrol abuse. Concerns include “wielding excessive force, carrying out unwarranted strip searches, detaining people for long periods without explanation and coercing individuals into surrendering their legal rights and citizenship documents.”

Immigrants are Likely Targets for Wage Theftwage_theft_01

Erasing time sheets, requiring overtime, yet refusing to pay for it, and violating minimum wage laws are some of the fraudulent employer practices being challenged in courts and on the streets. Victims are disproportionately immigrants, though wage and hour laws are written to apply to all workers.

The U.S. has Deported Tens of Thousands of Veterans

“Longtime legal permanent residents, with a U.S. family, a history of steady employment, and
who have even served honorably in the armed forces, can be and are deported for any of a litany
of relatively minor offenses…” Senator Chris Coons

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