Nuclear Power: No Solution to Climate Change

Nuclear protest KobeThe Peace Resource Center has a long history of opposing nuclear weapons and nuclear power and counts the closing of San Onofre Nuclear Plant as one of its victories.

The nuclear power industry wants us to think nuclear is clean. It ignores the environmental devastation and terrible health effects of uranium mining, and the fact that there is no real solution to radioactive waste.

While most of the world’s people do not want more nuclear weapons, it’s not well known that the fuel for weapons is harvested from nuclear power plants.

The Growing Environmental Movement Pushes Governments and
Corporations to Address Climate Change

Coal_01Activists in Australia, New Zealand, the Phillipines, the U.K. and the Phillipines are gathering to demand that their governments act to transition energy consumption to renewables. The BreakFree movement is the largest peaceful mass action in the history of the environmental movement.


Corporations Obstructed Climate Change Policy

Corporations_01Corporate influence, including lobbying of policy- makers, advertising, and PR has obstructed climate change legislation. One corporation, ExxonMobil, understood that its product would contribute significantly to climate change as early as 1977. The company’s response was a program of disinformation.


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