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Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood

Media Violence and Children’s Play

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Guidelines for Helping Children Deal with News Violence

The Children’s Peace Education & Anti-Bias Library

Jane Addams Peace Association Children’s Book Awards

Teaching for Change Books

Picture Books about Peace, Peacemakers, Human Rights and the Environment

Not long ago, picture books were thought to be useful only for teaching preschool and early elementary students. Fortunately, their power is now recognized by many educators, even those teaching secondary classes. The combination of compelling artwork, and a focused storyline makes the picture book a wonderful tool to introduce the concepts of peace, justice and sustainability.

image004The following lists have been compiled for educators and others who want to stimulate young people’s thinking in areas that may be new to them. We have chosen books that illuminate stories reflecting our mission. We believe that you’ll find in this list, not only inspiration, but compelling illustrations and stories. Some books have been published only recently, while others, we feel, have stood the test of time. Links are provided for those books which are featured on Youtube as read-alouds and book trailers.

For more information about using picture books, visit Pete Schoch’s Picture Books Across the Curriculum

If you choose to purchase books, we encourage you to consider patronizing independent booksellers. We have the power to build our communities, not only socially, but economically.

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