Audio and Video


Below you can find links to some audio and video files that we like. Check back often as there is a lot of independent media being produced by people with a progressive outlook. To view the videos, you need to have Flash installed or access to youtube.

  • The Power of PEACE! (youtube) a great video by Drew Searing, San Diego activist, musician, artist and writer. 3/18/08
  • Cindy Lee Berryhill from Encinitas CA produced a new album after nearly 10 years since her last. One of the really good songs on the album is “When did Jesus Become a Republican” (youtube)
  • Joel Rafael is an award winning, internationally recognized songwriter from San Diego County. You can listen to his new song, This is My Country (youtube)
  • The American Friends Service Committee’s Wage Peace 3 min movie  tells the truth about the ongoing loss of life in Iraq — and encourages viewers to sign their petition to bring the troops home.
  • James McMurtry’s new song “God Bless America” is a biting indictment of the things wrong with the “United” States
  • Before you Enlist” provides a rational voice to counter the seductive and often deceptive recruiting practices of the U.S. military.
  • See Ben Cohen’s, Co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s, new BB demo on how crazy our nuclear stockpile has become.
  • James McMurtry’s song “We Can’t Make it Here” (Flash) is a powerful song and a clear eyed portrait of America today.
  • Bruce Springsteen does Pete Seeger “Bring em Home” (youtube) performed live on the Connan O’Brian show. Plus bonus Pete Seeger does Country Joe! Or try.
  • Here’s a video by PINK called Dear Mr. President (youtube) – this young woman is really telling truth to power!
  • In 2003 PRC held a Hiroshima day candle light commemoration (Flash) in Balboa Park music was provided by Peggy Watson.