12:00 Light refreshments, Entertainment

12:30 Opening Ceremony

1:00 Program

3:40 Closing Ceremony

Cherokee Point Elementary School

3735 38th St., 92105

Info: Peter 619-890-1832

Please join us for “Compassion Across Cultures”/ Stories of Compassion/ Children’s Songs of Compassion/ Compassionate Communication/ Art/ Heart Compassion/ Drummers/ Dance, Yoga, Meditation… and more! (and, an Opportunity Drawing! 🙂

Event organizers and sponsors include: Cherokee Point Elementary, Serenity Grace Foundation, World Beat Center, San Diego Human Relations Commission, Jamyang Foundation, San Diego Regional Interfaith Collaborative, Prison Meditation Project, San Diego Church of the Brethren (City Heights), San Diego Police Department- Mid-City Division, City Heights Music School, Character Development Center

FACEBOOK PR PIECE: Celebration of Compassion These days, human beings are linked more closely than ever before. People of may faiths, ethnicities, and perspective live side by side. The greatest challenge we face now is how to live peacefully and happily together. Compassion is a creative way to bridge our differences and learn to live as one harmonious human family. Inspired by H. H. the Dalai Lama’s visit to San Diego in 2014, a Celebration of Compassion was held to inspire compassionate children, compassionate communications, and compassionate communities. Join us for the second Celebration of Compassion at Cherokee Point Elementary School on May 3 from 12:30-4:30, for a more peaceful and compassionate world!  See you there!