War and military also damage the climate

Letters to the editor

By Anne Barron 
September 26, 2019
Publication: San Diego Union-Tribune, The (CA)
Page: 10

The Veterans For Peace ad in the Sunday paper (Sept. 22) was spot-on. The air show glamorizes war. It also spews petrochemical toxins on the communities around Miramar.

In San Diego, we are too often told that the military industry is an economic boon. Yet our military is far larger than those of other nations and the cost is in the trillions. Lives and our climate are at stake. It isn’t just cars and cows driving us to extinction, it is our addiction to war.

The U.N. Day of Peace 2019 held this past Saturday was dedicated to climate action for peace. Thousands of us participated in the climate walk-out last Friday to hold our government accountable. The U.N. is holding a climate summit this week in New York. The U.S. military must be on the agenda if we are to save our world.

What is the point of a Department of Defense that destroys what it is supposed to protect? War lays waste on humanity and our Earth.


Anne Barron

Member, Board of Directors
Peace Resource
Center of San Diego