Fast, Pray, & Walk for a Nuclear Free Future and
Respect for Mother Earth, putting your Prayers into Action.
祈り prayer 徒歩 walk 断食 fasting アクション action
11/30 Walk to San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station from Dana Point;
Fasting & prayer vigil starts Dec 1-7.

The Peace Resource Center of San Diego and ROSE (Residents Organized for a Safe Environment) and the Peace Resource Center of San Diego are pleased to announce that four Buddhist monks, one from Washington state along with three others (from different parts of the country) will be coming to walk from Dana Point to San Onofre. They will then sit for 6 days in front of the plant and fast. 

Please come and join us in prayer and action in a peaceful & nonviolent way.  

All are invited to join this nonviolent action. You can join in the walk from Dana Point to San Onofre (all or part of the walk) and join in the fast as well (all or part). After they fast, we already have a place for them to break the fast and stay for a couple days to rest.  We encourage individuals to come and also welcome groups who might like to come

Important! The walk will start in Dana Point, CA on November 30 at 9 A.M. from the harbor parking lot and walk the 12 miles to San Onofre Nuclear power plant. This is estimated to take 3 to 4 hrs. Please join us for all or part of the walk, remember to bring water. If you cannot walk with us please plan to join us at San Onofre state park at the arrival time at 2 P.M. for the start of the prayers and ceremonies.

11/30 Fri. Walk to San Onofre 
12/1 Sat. Rohachi Fasting 1st Day 7am-5pm (San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station)
2 Sun. 2nd Day 7am-5pm
3 Mon. 3rd Day 7am-5pm
4 Tue. Breaking Fast (4th Day)
5 Thu. 5th Day 7am-5pm
6 Fri. 6th Day 7am-5pm
7 Sat. Breaking Fast(7th Day)
8 Sun. Jodo-e Celebration (Buddha’s Enlightened Day) Move to LA
9 Mon. Rest Day
10 Tue. Peace Walk in LA
11 Wed. Move to San Luis Obispo
12 Thu. Walk from San Luis Obispo/Morrow Bay to Diablo Canyon

We will need to raise a little money to pay for the Buddhist’s campsite and some other expenses related to this event. Any amount that you can give will be appreciated! Donations to support the Buddhist March and Vigil can be made online through the Peace Resource Center of San Diego
Please indicate on the drop down donation function that your donation is for Shut San Onofre. All donations made through the Peace Center are tax-deductible as allowable by law.  Thank you.

We are looking for a few volunteers
Please contact us if you can help.  We need some vehicles on Friday, 11/30 who can drive walkers back to Dana Point if needed after the march.  We will be setting up an arrival station and need help with that. Other tasks as needed.


From the Buddhist monks: “The name of our Japanese Buddhist order is “Nipponzan Myohoji”. We follow especially “Lotus Sutra” among various kinds of Buddha’s teachings. That is similar to “All life is sacred or all my relations” what Native people pray for. When we walk and pray outside we always chant our sacred word “NA MU MYO HO REN GE KYO” with beating of the scared drum.”

For more info contact: Carol Jahnkow,
Peace Resource Center of San Diego

Gene Stone,