Time for Peaceful Pretending!


Children learn from the choices you help them make. Will their Halloween costume:


Commercialism can dominate your child’s
Halloween and impact your infuence as a
parent. Some tips to help:

  • Work with your child early to help
    develop an idea.
  • Look for positive role models
    without weapons.
  • Ask your child’s school to plan for
    a nonviolent Halloween. Some
    schools announce a theme for their
    celebrations: characters from
    literature, period costumes, circus.
  • Be creative! Face paints, felt, and
    paper maché can let loose the inner

What about Superheroes?

  • Many children enjoy playing out
    scenes they have seen in movies or
    on TV. What attracts them to the
  • For many kids, it’s the character’s
    abilities or powers that are so
    compelling. What are the positive
    aspects of that Superhero that you
    can emphasize? How might a
    Superhero be powerful and peaceful?
  • Talk with your child about the way
    the Superhero addresses challenges.
    Could you and your child create a
    Superhero who solves problems

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