The Peace Resource Center of San Diego has compiled this information about community events, actions you might take and various article relating to Syria.  Please circulate/share widely. 


No War on Syria!

Monday, 9/9/13 Feinstein’s office!
12:00 Noon

750 B Street Suite 1030
San Diego, CA 92101

Vigil to oppose strikes on Syria

Monday, September 9th
7:00 PM

7777 Girard Ave
La Jolla, CA 92037

San Diego Veterans for Peace — No Attack on Syria
Thursdays 4-6 p.m.

VFP is moving their weekly demonstration at General Atomics in Poway to Hillcrest, at the overpass at 6th Avenue and I-5

Overpass Light Brigade
Sunday, September 1, 7:15 p.m.

Come join us hold large illuminated signs over busy I-5 in opposition to an unconstitutional war in Syria.

Gather in one of our favorite spots, just west of Clairemont Drive next to I-5.


Dozens gather in Balboa Park to protest U.S. action in Syria

Hundreds rally in LA, SF, San Diego Against attack on Syria

Opposition Grows to Obama’s Planned Attack on Syria

Anti-war protestors rally for peace in Syria

Possible US-led attack on Syria sparks rallies: Dozens gather at peace rally in Balboa Park

Anti-war protestors rally for peace in Syria

Local Group Protests U.S. Military Action in Syria



Take Action on Syria: Suggestions from FCNL

Prevent an Attack on Syria Now!  RootsAction letter to your representative

Tell President Obama: Don’t bomb Syria–Sign the Petition


Syria Needs Real Help, Not American Bombs

Even if Assad used chemical weapons, the west has no mandate to act as a global policeman

San Diego’s 
Marjorie Cohn nails it again

Killing Civilians to Protect Civilians in Syria

Bomb What Exactly in Syria?

Looks like the U.S. is once again reverting to its foreign-policy default position: bombing.

Moral Obscenities in Syria

Phyllis Bennis and David Wildman

Lockheed Martin shares up amid news of chemical weapons pretext for war in Syria

War on Syria: Twenty Pounds of Stupid in a Ten-Pound Bag