Human rights advocates demand better for prisoners in US as COVID19 sweeps through the prisons, detention centers, jails, juvenile halls and treatment facilities.

A prison sentence should not be a death sentence. From Bergen, New Jersey to San Diego, California, community and family demand “Set Them Free”. Democracy Now reports – as of 12/9/2020 – over 2200 people have died from COVID in our California jails and prisons.

December 10 is Human Rights Day, a day to examine how what we do impacts others in cruel and unusual ways.

The PRC, All of Us Or None, the Treat M.I./Don’t Mistreat MI invites you to join the action on December 10: a Caravan vigil across San Diego centers of incarceration.

Car-avan start time: 9am, Dec 10

start location: Las Colinas Detention and Reentry Facility

Speakers: Cheryl Canson, Curtis Howard


#SayTheirNames. Jeovani Jackson, Pelican Bay; Jordan Jackson, New Fulsom Prison – and the thousands more in our state prisons, detention centers, juvenile halls, metropolitan jails, re-entry facilities. Locked away yet at the same time in close contact with the pandemic.

COVID 19 is in full swing across the prisons, carried in by guards and prisoners. COVID-19 at last count has infected over 22,000 prisoners in the extensive, crowded California incarceration centers. Youth brought into juvenile hall are isolated from almost all social contact for two weeks (“

Read here for more details and the call to action.

Sign the petition by AFSC!

Tell public officials: We must protect people in prisons, jails, and detention centers from COVID-19.

UT oped by local human rights activist & artist Antonia Davis

Death by COVID is not the only threat people immigrating from troubled countries face from US immigration practices. Read more here.