New office hours in January.

2017 has been a year of self-evaluation and challenge at the Peace Resource Center. 

As part of our commitment to social justice and equity, the PRC Board of Directors hired Darwin Fishman, Ph.D, as PRC Program Director in March 2017 for his experience and breadth of knowledge of racial justice.  The PRC and Darwin Fishman separated as 2017 ended.  Three board members elected to the 2018 Board, including Mr. Fishman, then resigned.

The PRC reaffirms its commitment to equity, self-determination, consensus-building and shared community leadership in 2018.  The PRC Board is committed to active non-violence, restorative practices and Common Ground Guidelines to share everyone’s concerns and experiences.  The Guidelines have evolved over the past three years in response to the intense community conversations.  The PRC uses the inter-connected structure of PRISMSS (Poverty, Racism, Immigration, Sex and Gender, Militarism, Sustainability & Spirituality) to increase our understanding of oppression as a web designed to keep the power status quo. Part of our mission is to model peaceful alternatives to current problems and systems.

Our 2018 projects include Peacemaking Partners, Rapid Response Community Support Trainings, Bail Reform and Police Oversight support, and peace curricula for local schools. We will continue to work closely with allies and partners and groups that support our core values and ethics. 

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The PRC Library & Office is open to the public!

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First Mondays Lunch & Books  12-2pm

Second Saturdays In the Garden 3-5pm

Third Tuesdays Talking Mindfulness  3-5pm

Fourth Fridays Happy Hour Conversations  5-7pm