Peace Week San Diego 2022

September 17
Saturday: 9:30 AM - 1 PM
Kale Festival

“Growing Food and Growing Community”

Please join us at the Peace Garden to collaborate and learn how to grow in a changing climate and advocacy.

Contact: George Gastil, for more info and a booth at the Kale Festival.

September 18
Sunday: 4 - 6 PM
A History of Peace Building in San Diego with author Francesco Da Vinci
The author describes his work in building peace activism in San Diego during the tumultuous 60s. 
Author of I Refuse to Kill.
On Zoom; details on PRC Calendar.
Contact: LaVern,
September 20
Tuesday, 4-6 PM
No Miramar Airshow. No MAS.<br>A Rally w/ San Diego Veterans for Peace - NO MAS!

Miramar Air Show fuels climate change.

On the Carroll Canyon Overpass, across from Miramar Air Base.  A rally against the Miramar Air Show and the propaganda it spews at the expense of our environment and health.  VFP will be holding vigil outside Miramar Air Force Base during the entire Miramar Air Show as a reminder of the costs of war, both there and here.
In person.  Contact:  Dave,
September 21, International Day of Peace
Wednesday, three events.
International Day of Peace<br><strong>“Stop Racism. Build Peace.”</strong>


Share a Birthday Cake for Jeo - with a side of Justice. with Mothers Against Torture and Treat M.I./Don't Mistreat M.I.
Demand mental health treatment and alternatives for loved ones trapped inside the criminal justice system with mental illness.
Set them free.

In person.  County Courthouse, Union St. City of San Diego

4 PM - Kids 4 Peace International Day of Peace Rally: Lift Every Voice.  5081 Logan Ave.
Contact Cynthia, 619.788.8503

6 PM- A Community Discussion.
What are we doing and how are we doing?  Evaluating our Peace & Justice work.
With Dave Patterson (VFP), Andrea St. Julian (SD4), and Anne Hoiberg (WILPF).
In person.  Contact

September 22, Thursday
A special event ~ Challenging White Supremacy in US Border Policies. Art and direct action at the Border.

5 PM:  “The Future is Sacred” - a compelling installation at
the Peace Campus ~ of border politics, boundaries and their impact
on us all ~ by artist & activist Antonia Davis.

Join the artist for a discussion of her vision of Border politics through her art.

6PM. Join advocate Pedro Rios for a deeper dive into border politics and white supremacy. Pedro, with the American Friends Service Committee of San Diego, discusses campaigns to challenge
racist US Border policies.

In person, at the PRC. Refreshments.  Contact:

September 2022
The PRC is honored to host the art installation, The Future is Sacred during the Days of Peace Action (9/21-10/3). Groups can schedule a viewing over these two weeks.
Contact to schedule a viewing of The Future is Sacred.
The Future Is Sacred.
Challenging our border priorities.
an exploration of our border politics by artist & activist Antonia Davis.

September 23
Friday, 10AM
A Conversation with UNA-USA.<br>Mutually Assured Survival: Priorities for Climate Change.

Contact Nadia at

Follow this event at

September 23
Friday, 5:30PM
A Healing Space for Families with loved ones in prison. A meeting of Treat M.I.; Don't Mistreat M.I.<br>

A special Treat M.I.; Don't Mistreat M.I. community meeting.  This Friday, community share the stories and lives of their loved ones imprisoned with mental illness. On Zoom.

Contact Cheryl Canson at
September 25
Community Gathering at Friendship Park in support of an open Border Park.

Every Sunday, community from both sides of our border gather at Friendship Park.  The Park, traditionally open to both sides once a week, remains closed.  Community calls for an open border park, a return to its original purpose - a space for families divided by a border can meet and hug.

With Friends of Friendship Park.  Contact John Fanestil,

September 25
<p style="margin-bottom: 0in; line-height: 100%">Centering Prayer, with Pax Christi</p>

Location in a private home.    

Contact: Christy,

September 26, Monday
6PM. In Person.
<p style="margin-bottom: 0in; line-height: 100%"> <font style="font-size: 12pt" size="3"><span style="background: #ffffff"><b>Deescalating </b><b>Our Police, </b><b>a</b><b> Workshop </b> <br><font style="font-size: 11pt" size="2">Can we peace the police? <br></font><font style="font-size: 11pt" size="2">In person. </font><font style="font-size: 11pt" size="2"><i><br>Contact:</i></font></span></font></p>
September 29, Thursday
5:30PM. On Zoom.
Resisting war by war tax redirection. <br>A War Tax Resistance 101 Workshop<br>Why work for peace if you are paying for war?<br><p style="margin-bottom: 0in; line-height: 100%"><font style="font-size: 12pt" size="3"><b><span style="background: #ffffff"> 5:30 pm. War Tax Resistance 101 workshop: Moving your taxes from war to Peace.</span></b></font><font style="font-size: 12pt" size="3"><b><span style="background: #ffffff"> </span></b></font><font style="font-size: 12pt" size="3"><b><span style="background: #ffffff"> </span></b></font><font style="font-size: 12pt" size="3">Hosted by <a href="">NWTRCC</a>. </font><font style="font-size: 11pt" size="2"> </font><font style="font-size: 11pt" size="2">Q/A with W</font><font style="font-size: 11pt" size="2">ar Tax Resisters.</font></p>
October 1, Saturday
10AM. On Zoom.
Join climate action at the San Diego Climate Mobilization Coalition.
This group works on many issues around San Diego including greening our economy. To RSVP: 858-775-0365, Derek.


October 1, Saturday
2 PM. In person.
Then shopping afterwards at our fav sustainable Peoples' Coop in OB...
October 2, Sunday, International Day of NonViolence
11am-1pm. In person
Community Gathering - in peace at the Friendship Bell

In Person.  To Share Ourselves, Our Lives, Our Hopes, and Our Love.

Feel free to bring something to share with others.

October 2, Sunday
4-6PM. On Zoom.
An Intro & Workshop: Kingian Nonviolence

Pastor Sara, trained in Kingian Nonviolence, shares her training and understanding in this workshop.  On Zoom.


Contact LaVern,