PRC Voter Guide

Your PRC Peace & Justice Guide to Vote 2020.

Many proposition promise to improve our lives.  We agree with San Diegans For Justice and Mid-City CAN!!

San Diego! Vote “yes” on Measure B



SPECIAL NOTICE: due to COVID and federal tinkering with the elections, there will be the following changes in the November 2020 Elections.

  • Every voter will receive a mail-in ballot in the mail. These ballots can be returned to the Office of Voter Registration by mail or at a secure designated polling place (voting location).
  • Mail your ballot by Oct 26. Post office slow-down caused by federal under-funding may affect your ballot delivery. Ballots must be received by 6 PM at the County Registrar of Voters Office.
  • The elections cannot be called by the evening of November 3rd. It will take at least another 3 weeks to count and report on all the returned ballots, including provisional ballots.

Because of these changes, there is credible concern about the accuracy of the Elections 2020. Voter suppression is also a credible concern, after the elections of 2016.

PRC joins the national Election Defenders this November.

Election Protection 2020 with Election Defenders – a national coalition of democracy-minded organizations. Join PRC at the polls this year to watch and protect people’s right to vote.

You can be an election defender too!

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