What greater gift could we give to our children’s children than a more peaceful world?

While many of us may feel insignificant in making change in this world, we must not lose sight of the possibility that our teaching and parenting has a power like no other. A student of Peace Educator Coleman McCarthy wrote this thirteen-word essay: “Why are we violent, and not illiterate? Because we are taught to read.” Just as children learn the alphabet as a precursor to reading, they can also learn skills that lead to peaceful problem-solving.

Adults can guide young people in our care, showing that we value the world we live in and those who share it with us. However, as adults, many of us are learning these skills alongside the children because these tools were not part of our own early education. This is why we have created this booklet. Our intention is to provide a helpful starting point. We want to ignite your interest and validate your efforts.

Since there is much more that can be said about children and nonviolence than fits here, we also encourage you to visit our library and explore the resources we have listed.

This booklet is also not just for teachers or parents, but for all adults who interact with and care for children and youth. We welcome you to share this booklet widely. It takes all of us working together for peace!


Children and Nonviolence page 2 – print version pdf