The Peace Resource Center is open and operating within the building!

However, construction is still underway to complete the full dream…

A cooperative project of the PRC, the San Diego Friends Meeting (Quakers), the First Church of the Brethren and the American Friends Service Committee U.S.-Mexico Border Project, the Friends Center demonstrates how peace and justice advocates can collaborate to build and share space that will be a focus for nonviolent social change.

When completed, the Friends Center will daily demonstrating how organizations with common values can share resources and work together to create new models for social change. The Friends Center will also benefit other community organizations by providing space for meetings, workshops and programs. The Friends Center will be an energy-efficient straw bale building–the first in central city San Diego–featuring innovative, durable and proven straw bale construction, as well as solar power, passive solar design, water recycling and other energy-efficient components. As an environmentally-sound “green” building, the Friends Center will demonstrate the groups’ shared values and be a witness to our commitment to wise stewardship of the earth’s resources. Designed by the architectural firm of Hubbell and Hubbell, the Friends Center will be an enduring visual statement of our dedication to advancing peace, social justice and spiritual growth.

This project is only possible through donations of money, materials and services, and volunteer labor! If you can help, please let us know!

For more information about the Friends Center, please go to: