Hello, 2017?

2016 has been a taxing, tumultuous and troubling year, to say the least! With the results of the November national election, 2017 will be all the more challenging given the current hyper-aggressive national landscape.  Your Peace Resource Center of San Diego will continue to promote justice and peace in 2017.  We will work together with you to sustain progress and advance the arc of justice further.    

The incoming Administration has trumpeted its intent to roll back and to push out.  Its announcements of more militarization and more investment in the dead-end global nuclear arms race are followed by hate attacks and vitriol in our communities.

These outrages are by design, where the military-industrial complex attempts to rule by fear and demagoguery, and to control through Shock economics and distraction.  We know that these tactics are meant to distract us from the essential work at hand- to nurture a culture of sharing, of equity to repair past injustices, of freedom for all to live and work as they choose, and of mutual respect and acceptance.

We will stand with anyone under attack. We will work for sanctuary- both spiritual and physical- to protect those under attack.  We will counter the militarization of our law enforcement with restorative justice, of our schools with counter-military recruitment, of our borders with multi-national solidarity of the people. We will love those we disagree with, and hold each of us accountable for our actions.  

We will host teach-ins:  non-violence, civil civil disobedience, group consensus and decision-making, human shields, community oversight of our elected government, the power of the vote and the trouble with our elections systems, and more. 

We pledge to continue to provide the peace tools and resources to begin the repair of the damage done by this hyper-aggressive, winner-take-all ideology.

January 2017 is already filled with rallies, workshops, protests and marches for social justice here in San Diego, in California, and in our country.  Join the movement for justice and peace.

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