The PRC announced today that in response to the escalating climate crisis, refreshments and food served at all PRC events and happenings will be plant-based.

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Now. Climate change is rapid, dramatic and now. The predicted impacts will be catastrophic for life on Planet Earth within the next 30 years, probably more so on humans as changing conditions lead to forced migrations, water and food shortages, and of course conflict. We are in a state of emergency. Animal farming has too many environmental impacts – carbon emissions, water reduction and pollution, and soil destruction – to be a sustainable practice at this time.

San Diego, CA – This Sunday, thousands of people will flood the popular Balboa Park EarthFair to enjoy the outdoors, examine enviro-oriented (or not) wares, stop at an amazing number of organizational booths to talk to volunteers about green options, and of course eat at one of the hundred or so refreshment stands. Earth Day is a fun time at the park. What about the remaining 364 days?

The PRC decided to offer only plant-based food at the request of new board member Herbe Zapata. Pointing out that “meat consumption isn’t often talked about in connection with climate change”, he asked that the PRC adopt plant-only menus to showcase tasty alternatives to the ubiquitous meat/dairy combos. “We are past the tipping point,” he explained, “and have to change our diet now.”

He is referring to the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere that supports the biosphere, and of course, humans. The PRC accepts the science research that points to current animal farming practices, food distribution and excessive food waste as one of the main causes of gas emissions driving climate change. It isn’t the only human activity – transportation and dependence on fossil fuels grab a large part of that pie chart.

Board member Anne Barron attends many city and county meetings about the Climate Action and Transportation Plans. She explains why the PRC has adopted veganism, “We are now not just trying to stop climate change – it is too late for that – now we must stop the damage we are causing to the future.” Referring to council comments made at the January 24th City Council Environmental Committee meeting on Community Choice for energy, she added “and we only have 10 years left to complete the life boat for all of us – either we evolve our habits, or we go the way of extinction.”

The Peace Resource Center of San Diego in City Heights is deeply committed to providing peaceful solutions to global and local problems. PRC staff and volunteers helped design and build the sustainable Friends Center with our Peace Campus partners with hay bale insulation and underfloor heating. Extensive gardens and orchards were planted to provide local, fresh, organic produce. Most recently, the Campus installed solar panels over part of the parking lot. Adoption of a PRC plant-based menu and foods broadens our array of sustainability practices in these changing times. This Earth Day celebration is about doing less to do more.

Save the Date: A PRISMSS event on June 6th

PRISMSS is the framework the PRC uses in its approach to sustainability – the inter-related approach to repairing and enhancing the earth we depend on to sustain human evolution over the next seven generations. We recognize that everything is connected, that our work on social and environmental and spiritual concerns intersect deeply – Poverty, Racism, Immigration, Sustainability, Militarism, Spirituality and Sexism/genderism – in a tightly woven web of cultural practices and systems that maintain control.

Our 2019 PRISMSS series continues with the documentary “Disneyland of War”, 7pm, on June 6, an examination of the role of propaganda in deepening US militarism.

A free event at the PRC, with plant-based refreshments.