Nonviolence = love + empathy

The members and Board of the Peace Resource Center of San Diego extend our heart-felt support and several resources to our communities as this new very contagious coronavirus moves through our neighborhoods, streets, schools, prisons, hospitals and health centers and our homes.

The PRC, adjusting to the new norm, is moving online as we shelter in place and keep our distance. While our doors may be shut and our lights off, the PRC continues to provide community support, information and peaceful solutions to this current crisis.

What do you need?

Check our FB page for suggestions, links and resources.

Look for our livestreams, Zoom meetings & events alerts, emails, and newsletters as we join the thousands of San Diegans reaching out to our neighbors in need. We will be offering online Meditation & mindfulness, Restorative Circles, gardening advice and Peace Economy discussions during the months ahead.

This is a staggering, terrifying opportunity to change how we live in our world, to create a stronger movement and direct us to a more sustainable future.

May we suggest some reading?

Paul Engler writes about the history-changing aspects of the current viral crisis and the opportunities opening up in this analysis, Coronoavirus is a historic trigger