Peacemaking Partners

Our successful 2-year partnership with Rowan Elementary School needs your help to continue and expand

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Schools are reporting increased bullying, violence, and fear as the national dialogue becomes more intolerant. At the Peace Resource Center, we are working to help children become an integral part of the solution.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization and contributions are tax-deductible. 

We envision a world in which children are skilled peacemakers — and we bring that world closer every day. Our age-appropriate curriculum, designed and implemented by highly trained experts in education and mediation, provides children with tools to help them:

-listen to others’ feelings and needs
-cultivate and express empathy
-express their own feelings and needs nonviolently
-challenge and de-escalate violence when it appears
-honor values of cultural diversity and environmental stewardship

For the past year, PRC has been delighted to work with Rowan Elementary School in San Diego, and we are now excited to be expanding our program to other schools and adding experienced and credentialed staff.

Already, children in the program have shown just how capable and enthusiastic they are with their peacemaking skills. The empowerment we offer children through this program will stay with them throughout their lives and touch countless others.

My name is Bonnie Clayton Loewy and I will be coordinating Peacemaking Partners this year. I am a Montessori teacher with a master’s degree in education. I am also a mediator with many hours of training and experience with all ages. I am excited to bring my classroom and mediation experience together to support our children in receiving peacemaking skills. I began volunteering with the program last year, and have been so impressed with the curriculum and the kids!

I believe programs like Peacemaking Partners are the key to supporting upcoming generations as they discover creative and kind methods of managing differences and resolving conflicts. It’s been a joy to see how much children appreciate their new skills as they practice role plays with puppets, listen to the hero and heroine journeys of the civil rights movement, and bring their nascent insights to art projects. I hope you will feel inspired to support this vision!

What the children believe:

One of our students wrote:

Dear Peace Center,
Thank you for inviting the school to learn how to have peace and not bullying. I learned that fighting is not the answer for bullying because all it does is encourage the bullying. I liked when we had popcorn for snack. Thank you for inviting us. Hope you guys invite us again. 

Another student drew a picture of our classroom, and one of our teachers saying “It’s about peace!” 

Teachers also rave about the program. A first grade teacher writes: “They loved using the puppets to role play being kind to each other. Thank you so much for what you do! I wish we could come here everyday. My kids were thrilled to visit and enjoyed the presentation and presenters very much!”

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To see more about our Peacemaking Partners, check out page 4 of our 2017 Spring Newsletter: